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Thank you!

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 12:32 AM

I really appreciate you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!! You guys are all amazing and I can't express how happy I've been to have y'all nearby T uT

I'm really sorry I can't reply to you all faster or even individually at times. I just want you to know that I'm really grateful for those who wished me well, and I hope to be here and art with you all for another year <3 My day was really good and relaxing (even my job left me alone without me doing anything lol), so was very peaceful time spent with family and close friends~

I want to showcase all the wonderful things I got from the community, and I want to encourage you all to go give these artists some love if you haven't already
(will tag them all too)

:iconhyanna-natsu: :iconvipop: :iconshiroyanya: :iconpemiin: :iconfreegels: :iconmizuruudeki: :iconvyolfers: :iconalienvampiredictator: :iconrollingpoly: :iconcharmseii: :iconshiroinya: :iconpenguinkissus: :iconshiyumichan: :iconkiehran: :iconnomellie: :iconzenniibi2: :iconlolighost: :iconannabel-m: :iconvinsuality:

20180929 Scrapbook Gift by Gits n Shiggles Server by NovaReeee
20180929 Birthday Gift by Kiehran by NovaReeee 20180929 Commission Gift by ZenNiibi2 by NovaReeee 20180929 Commission Gift by LoliGhost by NovaReeee 20180929 Commission Gift by Nomellie by NovaReeee Small by NovaReeee 20180929 Commission Gift by Annabel-m by NovaReeee 20180929 Birthday Gift by Shiroinya and charmseii by NovaReeee 20180929 Birthday Gift WIP by Shiyumi-chan by NovaReeee 20180929 Birthday Gift by vinsuality by NovaReeee 20180929 Commission by Vyolfers by NovaReeee 20180929 Birthday Gift by Vyolfers by NovaReeee 20180929 Birthday Gift by Pemiin by NovaReeee<da:thumb id="820828862080350"/> 20180930 Birthday Gift by shiroyanya by NovaReeee

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Taking a Break [Update]

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 30, 2018, 2:43 PM

The past 4 months have been very unpredictable and unstable in my life lately, but the sense of urgency towards them have come up more recently.

Therefore, I will let everyone here know that my uploads will be a lot slower if not nonexistent. This is for an indefinite amount of time, as I don't know when things will stabilize again.

If you are waiting on me for commissions, I dearly apologize for the delays (especially for the YCHs that have been paid for). I will take opportunities to work on them when I can as I intend on finishing them, but updates will be slow until everything is stable again on this end. If anywhere down the road, you would like to cancel your commission because of the long waiting time, you can note me. If not, I will still send you notes prior to starting your commission in the future asking for fresh references out of convenience.

Once again, I'm dearly sorry for this inconvenience especially those who have been patiently waiting. I will make a public announcement again when this hiatus is annulled.

UPDATE: Some good news to be had from all this: I have a job again. However, I will be relocating due to it so I'm not out of the woods. This may take from a few weeks to possibly over a month. Due to this, instead of slower uploads, all my art-related work will be put on complete hold until things settle down.

Thank you for reading.


UPDATE 2016/09/16: Hey everyone I hope you all have been doing well! I want to thank you all for your comments and your support T uT I'm not entirely back yet, but I'm glad to see I'm not entirely forgotten-- things are still pretty busy here, and my schedule will be very chaotic even after things stabilize. However, I have been slowly starting to sketch a few things. I only have access to my laptop, and it has poor color settings-- so I can't color things. So I will be trying to sketch some things out, and send WIPs accordingly. This will all be extremely slow so no expectations.

I will try to make attempts to respond to everyone that I can. I really appreciate you all. If you wish to chat or get a hold of me in a better opportunity, you can catch me on Twitter or Discord (there's a few particular servers that I lurk in).

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Selling an old OC ($12)

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 13, 2018, 6:46 PM

You can check her out here, all the details are included.

I no longer have an attachment to her, but still feel bad she just sits in my files and rots T uT if any of you are willing to give her a good home, by all means send me a note. $12 including everything drawn of her, as original designer's rules state I can only resell her for the same price as what I bought her.

Serious inquiries only, any other kind of note will be ignored.

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A Guide on Referencing

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 7, 2017, 10:27 AM

Hey guys, recently I collaborated with a group of several skilled artists and we decided to address the topic of referencing!  I'm not sure how many of you looked into this, but recently we have been noticing a lot of misconceptions and varied ideas on what referencing is and mixed ideas about its pros and cons.  I personally would like to believe this journal should clear things up for everyone about referencing and its practical uses~ Please give this journal a read as it may give you a lot of insight as to not only the topic of referencing, but also how it can greatly benefit your works!

From my personal experience, I only started referencing more often this year, with the help of Hyan.  And to me personally, it feels as though this year has been that one year where my understanding of things, skills, and speed with drawing, coloring, art in general really!, has soared and skyrocketed.  I started using references more, and makes drawing easier.  And I understand how to place things more and draw cohesively without getting snagged in artblock or struggling for hours with the same limb or shoe or whatever it is I'm stuck on xD

If you wish to provide feedback or content to the topic, please follow the thumbnail to the central post and you can comment there!

A guide about referencingWe are a group of artists that have noticed there's widespread confusion and misconceptions spreading about the limits and ethics of referencing, so we have decided to help the community by clearing up the idea of what referencing is! -- You can also watch a video about it, just click here
What is referencing?
When we talk about “referencing,” we could also talk about “searching for information.” Imagine that you have to do an essay for school about plants, animals, planets, in other words, a subject you don’t know much about. What’s the first thing you do before you start writing? Search for information about that subject, either on the internet or books, or ask your family and friends.
In the art world, referencing is exactly the same. It’s recognizing your lack of knowledge about a specific thing and seeking knowledge about the subject, so that you know more t

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AX 2017 - Experiences and Post-con

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 10, 2017, 6:43 PM

As some of you read in an earlier status I shared, I pretty much forgot to advertise that I was at AX this year.  I was actually tabling alongside Mallier and the experience of playing vendor over being an attendee was a huge contrast.  Especially since this was only the fourth time I've been to a con (apart from AX last year, and Sak-con the last 2 years...yes, con life for me started a year ago lol).  For a first time, it was immensely rewarding and I had a great time at the convention.  I shopped, got to speak and meet with other amazing artists (some of them even stalked me down //shot), autographed my own art, made money and other great experiences! I didn't expect it to be too stressful though either; every night was too exhausted to do much else really xD but overall it was a very fulfilling experience, and hopefully I'll be able to do it again sometime!

Without further ado, here is the loot dump /o/ for smaller breakdowns, feel free to roam here:
1 by NovaReeee

The Mihawk in the corner was a gift from mine and Shio's helper, who happened to be CVAnimation, the Youtuber who did the animation for several death battles, most notably Bomberman vs. Megaman, and more recently, Metal Sonic vs. Zero! Feel free to check out his channel if his works catch your interests~…

The Anastasia print, smaller Kanna print, the outfit cards from Aka-shiro, and 2B stand are all gifts for some of my close friends. Of the charms on the right corner, the Hanamaru button was a gift from Shio and was made by enzouke! I happened to poke her table and give her a hello since I've stalked her work for awhile too.  Hope we can hang sometime when we meet at a con again!  The Kannas and Nichijou charms are gifts to friends as well, and the stickers at the bottom were given to me by some random dude advertising donations outside the con lol

This was also the first con where I also got to meet Moorina, who's been one of my biggest inspirations for awhile.  I really enjoyed it all, and managed to give her a gift! I'm glad I had the opportunity. Overall, it's been a great con and I look forward to more in the future.  Thank you all who stopped by my table and said hello, you guys helped make it an amazing experience for me x)

Of course, all great things come to an end.  After I got back to my state, I was helping my brother move some stuff around, and dropped a table panel on my foot.  So I got home with one less toenail.  But it's a relief to be home and being able to draw soon.  There's many things I have to take care of the following week or two, but once most of it is out of the way, I will start working on the commissions and works that have been in queue for awhile! Please bear with me if you ordered from me!

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PayPal Scam Warning

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 14, 2017, 1:21 PM

Full information can be found here:…

However, to clarify on my own journal post: is a scam address. Nothing from it is legit, no matter how official looking it is.  Additionally, if you are prompted to change your password or confirm a password change that you yourself did not do yourself, that's a sign that someone attempted to hack your paypal and change it themselves.  Always please check the source of the emails you receive!

A couple things to keep an eye out for:

-"" will appear as the sender's name, but the actual email address can be something odd and shady like ""
-PayPal would use your full name, and never address you as just "customer"
-Poor grammar or misspellings, and an informal tone in the message is also a strong giveaway.
-This doesn't necessarily just apply to PayPal! This can come from Amazon, eBay, online gaming services, banks, social media, anything.  Please always check the email source and address!

If you use Hotmail, some emails will have a green shield next to them.  This means that they're verified sources and are safe to open and follow links from.  PayPal is one of them, and should you receive an email from them without that green shield, it's a fake and you should report it as a phishing scam.  Not all emails are verified, but businesses like PayPal and iTunes are! If you have previous emails from them, check to see if they have the shield!

Feel free to spread the word ^^ and be careful out there with your personal and financial information!

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Commissions 2018 [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 24, 2015, 12:50 AM


Please read the Terms of Service linked in the header before commissioning.

You have my word that I guarantee a finished product regardless of time unless I lose my left arm or critical cognitive functions for any reason.
Commissions are for personal use only. Please credit or source them if you're going to upload or use them elsewhere.
If you commission me fanart, I am free to use it for merchandising purposes, provided that we discuss it beforehand.
No limit on slots until future notice!~
Will not draw: Males, R-18/G, manga pages, furries/anthros/animals, and anything promoting alternative lifestyles.

These are subject to change as I build more experience. I make exceptions with some of these, but that's on a case-by-case basis.

[For commercial use or business inquiries, please contact me at my e-mail:]

Send me a NOTE with the following:

Commission Type
Payment Method (Points or Paypal)
Character Name
References (pictures or clear physical descriptions only)
Personality/Traits (keep it simple)
Miscellaneous (any other details)


*Uses alternate coloring style*

Headshot - $15/1500
Bust - $25/2500


*Detailed background negotiable for colored only*

Doodle Sketch Style - $20/2000
Fully Colored - $30/3000


*Includes option for various custom outfits (please include character dress preferences in note)*

Doodle Sketch Style - $120
Colored - $160


Bust - $30/3000 (Blurry background option +$10)
Partial Body - $40/4000 (Detailed background +$40)
Full Body - $60 (Detailed background +$60)


*Additional fee is for if this is a character design*

Chibi - $45 (+20)
Doodle Sketch Style - $80 (+30)
Colored Fullbody - $90 (+40)


$00 - Free simple background for all options except Doodles
$XX - Stacked price for extra characters (i.e if full body, +60 for second character, if partial, then +40)
$10+ - For heavy details/objects and design variations (may be a noticeable spike)
10%+ - If given a deadline within a month (up to 50% depending on how rushed)
10% - If requested to be private or bypasses the Will Not Draw criteria listed above

Stream [OFF]

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 30, 2014, 8:01 PM

I will announce if I'm using Picarto or Twitch (or both at once!).
Feel free to stop by and say hi!

Today's Headline

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