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I've been going through my old laptop and its folders, re-organizing my files and retrieving stuff to move to my main PC, and I found a MASSIVE stash of old sketches I completely forgot I had. I've redrawn a few and will post them in the upcoming days; this one goes first though for the special factor.

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The year is XX15.
The rising star and former Kalos Queen Serena Zay reaches another pivotal point of her career when obtains her first protagonist role: she becomes Christine Vale in the adaptation of the historical police drama Unknown Indictment Witness.
Fortunately for Serena, about half of the filming takes place in Kanto so she can commute most of the time. For the remaining half, Serena (and Lara) spend a few months in Kalos until the production is over, with Ash joining them every weekend.
Not content with having Lara for herself alone though, Serena takes the toddler with her to almost every filming session and exacerbates the love for her daughter in social media;
she gotta make everyone learn how privileged she's for having Lara.
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I would say that between the two of the Ketchum parents, Serena makes it way more evident that Lara is the legit light in her eyes, a legit piece of her soul.
If she could, Serena would spend every single second of her waking hours with Lara (and the sleeping ones too), and maybe that's the reason she got the toddler be around as much as she could, specially during the most busy times of her career.

Don't get me wrong, Ash LOVES Lara just as much and she his number one priority on everything, but something woke in Serena the first time she held Lara in her arms, and hasn't weakened since then.
Serena is the legit Brooklyn 99 meme "if anything happened to Lara, I will k!ll everyone in this room and then myself".

New BG techniques happened here, but most importantly I just wanted to lay some lore on why this specific 25 y/o Serena's design (I've had for a while) has some major 50's vibes. Also yes, the drama is a real-world movie reference cos I love those ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_♥

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Loveball(pink) Older!Serena design, Lara Ketchum & Art ® :iconnovanoah:
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If I may ask, what's Daddy doing?

Love Serena's outfit! I hope she does well in the movie, It would be cool to see a movie poster of it! just an idea.

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Nice. Guess Serena is shooting a movie with Aria and decided to bring her daughter.

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This is way too cute ~~

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How old is she in this drawing Lara ?

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Like Mother, Like Daughter. Lara will shine brighter than EVERY Star in the Pokemon World. A true Beauty in the In- and Outside!

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Oh this is precious. I can imagine the production crew trying to convince Serena that surely her daughter could be left with a caretaker until Serena informs them that she will walk right out mid-production if they keep this up. And thus, Lara becomes a permanent fixture.

Bonus points if in many bonus features we see bloopers of Lara running around in the background or showing up mid-scene to speak to mom, or in the Director's comentary they mention how Lara managed to charmt he entire cast and crew while still being a nightmare to try and film a movie around.

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Daw! How cute!!! Love your Adult Serena and everything with them! :D

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NoVaNoah my friend, you made a very amazing picture on Serena and Lara

Very cute

I hated to imagine would how much pain team rocket would be if they did anything to Lara.

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I'm pretty sure the TRio at least (Jessie, James, Meowth) would never try anything with her. Yeah they're villains, but they also have morals and they're more punch-clock villains at this point than anything else. I doubt they'd involve family, particuarly children.

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Lara's father Ash would then have every intention of tearing them to shreds alongside Serena and all of they're pokemon
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Ohmygoditssocute!!! Seriously, if this isn't the cutest thing you've ever seen, I don't know what is! Beautiful work, they look absolutely Precious! :love:

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So amazing and beautiful ❤ !!

Now I noticed, Serena and her daughter have slightly change in hair color !!

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I will never grow tired of this AU.

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Wonderful job as always, my friend!

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Beautiful Work

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Wow, this is so amazing Picture, a Mother and Daughter Photo taken, I love it :love:

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