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Weapon: Cyber claw: claws that hide in his gloves that when activated the claws shoot out. His blades are built in with lighting dust, which he can manipulate. From shooting lightning bolts to shrouding his claw in electricity.

Fighting Style: Nova is a quick but reckless fighter, He can get into and out of a fight quickly. He is sometimes good at being patient with an enemy and waits for an opportunity to attack. There are also times when he rushes into a fight and will get cornered. He also is more accustomed to close combat but will use ranged attacks when it’s needed. His semblance is an ability to phase through any solid object (except humans). He can only do it for a short amount of time but can also faze other people in as well so long as he is touching them.

Personality: from a distance he seems like a person who is always alone, quiet, and not willing to talk to people. He tends to be an introvert when meeting new people. When he is with his friends he is the goofiest of them all. He tends not to bother with people who think there above everyone else and just ignores them. When he is in battle and has to act like a leader he steps up and rises to the challenge, he can also be very naïve and somewhat sensitive.

Appearance: He has brown skin with really curly hair. He usually wears blue jeans with converse. He wears a navy (his color) shirt with his family symbol on his sleeves. He wears a black sleeveless hoodie over it and then is gloves which are his cyber claws when they are not active. When not in combat or class he is usually seen reading books, listening to music, or playing video games so there will be headphones lying around somewhere.

Background: His mother and father were both famous hunters who graduated from beacon. One day a Grimm called a Kitsune is loose in their neighborhood and on that day young nova is outside playing. When the Kitsune comes across nova, it attacks his father comes out with his weapon and slays it but not before it could scratch nova and put a scar near his cheek. After that experience his father decided to teach him how to be a hunter. When he was old enough instead of going to signal his father enrolled him in another school called luminous academy. There he created his weapon, Cyber claw. Because his dad was always on missions his grandfather taught him how to master his weapon and semblance. Now Nova is training to  become a hunter.