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I made a simple reference of my viking (in SoD as well), Nova.
(Ohohoh, looks like I'm drawing more humans in this style now.)
Name: Natalia "Nova" Romanova.
S/G: Female (Bisexual.)
Age: Currently 18.
Tribe/Affiliation: Kievan Rus.
Clan (in SoD): Howling Commandos.
Current Occupation: Student/Junior dragon rehabilitator.
Known family members: Little sister - Misty (CaptainMisty).
Weapon of choice: A broken-back dagger.
Personality: For the most part, she is a level headed, strong-willed and independent lady. She normally maintains a controlled, almost emotionless persona to keep whatever she is thinking a secret unless she is around people (or dragons) she absolutely trusts. Though often serious, Nova does possess a sarcastic sense of humor; and often has that "I'm so done" look on her face. Quite adventurous and daring, but can be very reckless and impulsive at times. Her desire is extreme sports, (and she might as well have scars to prove it). She faces danger up-front, (all while Bucky screams internally in the distance; as he helps her when she got into fights).

Dragons are quite a normal sight to Nova. The vikings of the Kievan Rus already made an alliance with the magnificent beasts years before Berk's Golden Age. This is because dragons around the area were not bound by the control of an alpha.
Main dragon (And childhood best friend): Bucky, the Stormcutter.
Dragon #2 (For trekking over long land distances): Sebastian, the Speed Stinger.
Dragon #3 (For soaring over long aerial distances): Crossbones, the Boneknapper.
(The reason for the above is that Bucky, can't fly/walk over long distances for a long time due to his burden of a metal wing.)

- Psychically, she is based on Marvel Cinematic Universes' Black Widow. Personality-wise, she mostly resembles Steve Rogers.
- She wears a Wildfire Helmet in the School of Dragons. 
- She thinks that her eye-makeup is cool, while her sister says otherwise.

I'll add more info eventually.
I own Nova, the Viking (and the dragons mentioned above.)
I don't own Httyd & Marvel
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omf how haven't I seen this before? Noba is so fucking adorable. such simplicity yet such beauty.