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Ok. So I've been watching SnK a lot lately and I've thought of something. So on the first episode, when the colossal titan breaks through Wall Maria(I think), you can see the titans behind the colossal titan, but if you know or remember, the titans eat titan shifters, so why don't all of the titans eat the colossal titan? This is just a theory, so if it's wrong I'm sorry or if you have the answer, would you please tell me? Have a fantastic day everyone and I completely recommend watching SnK.


Hello guys! I need some help! (And no not the medical help.... Well actually I might need that too...) If you read my bio you would know that I'm not good at drawing! So I would like someone to help me! What we could do is I could be the one that gets the requests and the other person can draw! If anyone would like to take me up on this offer please tell me! Also, if I don't answer immediately I'm so sorry! I've been busy with school, band, and soccer lately so I may not be able to reply as fast as I would like to. So, I hope you guys have a fantastic day! Bai Bai!