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NovaLupe's Hair Brushes - for gimp

a little while ago I made a gimp hair brush. well :| (Blank Stare) ...I wasn't satisfied, so I deleted it and made some new ones to go with the one I had already made :) (Smile) I found the one I made first worked best for smudging and blending, so I made some other ones to fill in the needs the first didn't meet =P (Razz). MEET! MY HAIR BRUSH KIT!w00t!  Nuu  *raah raaah*:squee:Clap thank you, thank you Worship.
looks beautiful doesn't it? I'm super proud of it, not only does it LOOK real, it was super easy to make (the example pic I mean) Giggle .

about the brushes:
-blending and fly away brushes go up to 1000px
-layering and texturing brushes go up to 500px
-all work with colours
-creates real healthy looking hair
-fast and easy to use
-very compatible with touch sensitivity

how to install:
-first extract files
-locate gimp's brush folder usually===>"~/.gimp-2.8/brushes/"
-drop .gbr files into brush folder.
-done. you may now use brushes.

NOTE: You must download file via download button, do not right click save, file will not download that way.

I made these brushes for my own uses, I'm uploading them because I thought others could use them as well.  Please do not redistribute without my permission.

Edit: I'm so happy to know people seem to really like my brush :) if you're interested, I'd like to see what you guys did with my brushes :D

some examples of use:coming soon.
tutorials on how to use brush:coming soon
© 2015 - 2021 NovaLupe
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Thank you very much 🤗

Thanks, very nicely made !

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thanks a ton! Will sent you a link to the picture if its done :-)

thank you very much <3

Haven't even uncompressed he set yet, but if they work as well as the illustration depicts then they'll come in handy. It's great to see artist giving their time to help out others who's skills are not up to you own skill set to help us grow in our creative skills one step at a time.

Nice brushes! How did you do it like the one on the picture! it's so awesome!

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I see that there's some confusion for some people involving the download. The file extension (.7z) has a special decompression software that some computers don't have. Fear not, because this website ( allows you to upload the file and will extract the brushes, and then all you have to do is click on them to download. There is no software download involved, for anyone that might be deterred by that. I tried it, and it works really well. I hope this solves the problem of not being able to open these. And thank you NovaLupe, for this post!

Thank you! So easy to use!

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thank you so mach!

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Thank you so much! I was thinking how I was gonna try doing hair but then I found this and think that exploring won't be hard ;;

Thanks, I was looking for creating some sensational hairstyles...Thanks!

How do I download

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Downloading now <3
How do you download?
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