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Hi guys i can officially say that i am now on Patreon Patreon Icon 
My aim for Patreon is to link to others and raise enough money to help me evolve my work more 

I would love the help if anyone is willing to support me 
The link to my profile will be below if anyone is interested

Hi Guys Here's My Wishlist 

1) Luna Transformation Scene

References :…

2)  Luna Fight Scene With Icy

References :…

3) Ling Enchantix Outfit Including Dust

References :  [CM]|WC|season 1 and 2| Ling Magic CharmiX| by WhisperingIllusion

4) Ling Domino Dress Outfit Design

You could even just draw wings for this 

5) Luna Drawn in your own Fan-transformation 

What is Wings ?

Wings is my official Comic , based around 2000 years in the future where the human race is really scare and most of the Earths inhabitant is occupied with mixed species :
. Aquantarians ( Species Half Human , Half Fish ) Marked with the tattoo resembling a fish or scale
.Snow Maidens ( Half Human , Half Snow ) Marked with a tattoo of snowflake
.Terrians ( Half human / Half Elemental ) Marked with a tattoo of a leaf

When Will the Chapter Be Released ?

Chapter will be typed before drawn because i lack the technology to draw at the moment 

What Style ?

Winx Style

Character Requests

To Start off the comic i need 8 characters all together, typically with a brief description and a image of a character (Also has has to be a different species than human , you can be as creative as you want)  

Hey Guys Here's a follow up on some Traditional prices everything from MW to Butterflix designs are still 5Points  Dreamix and Wings are 10Points  : Better hurry up guys this amazing deal lasts till Saturday 24th December 

Here's Some Examples Of My Art :

New OC : Ling Fairy of Diamonds by Novalliez Traditional Casual Clothing 

Believix Commission Plus Wings by Novalliez Full Believix Concept Design (Wings Included)

Aiden AT finished  by Novalliez Traditional Casual Bust Sketch (Colored)

AT Winx WIP by Novalliez Gothix Fan-transformation Sketch (Colored)

Hi Guys during this year i decided to create a youtube channel called… , I was wondering if anybody has any free time to help me either make some channel art or intro video because i have exteremly poor editing skills ...

I will credit anybody who helps me in my lastest videos ~ Thank You

Purple butterfly bullet Hey Guys Sorry About Not Being Active For A Couple Of Months , It Has Been A Hectic Time ...Purple butterfly bullet 

During the October i celebrated my 18th birthday with my family and it was a big celebration because i also share my birthday with my mum . During the week of my a-level results i also found out that i couldn't attend my second year of sixth form which was a devastating blow for me , so during these last few weeks i have been attending college and i am participating in my favorite subject art and design and it does give me alot of work to do . But now i have some free time and here i am back to finish what i started 

so there will be some work uploads showing up soon so dont worry

Before meeting the iconic characters such as Chris , Claire , Leon , Ada , Sherry , Wesker and Barry . The story was portrayed with another character during the events of Raccoon City there was another unknown survivor who's fate was horribly woven into the horrific nightmare which has plague her ever since . Everybody let me introduce you to A-001 or more commonly known as Amelia One .

Amelia One Data Profile

Name : Amelia One (A-001)
Age : 17 
DOB : Unknown
First Appearance : Outbreak File 1 and 2
Last Appearance : Code Veronica 
Relatives : Unknown Creator
Status : Alive/Unknown
Eye Colour  : Red
Hair Colour : White / Blonde 
Weapon of Choice : Dual Pistols / Mangums
Powers and Abilities : Fast Genetic Healing // Super Speed // Genetic Growth 

Before the Incident

Amelia was born at an unknown date she enclosed and separated from any contact from any workers and was monitored during this time period . Amelia showed rapid growth aging at a face pace her knowledge increased becoming more intellectual as each day passed . Exsentive tests were preformed on Amelia showing her progressive immunity towards the virus ....
All other data was destroyed 

Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U Luna Glittering Gem Bullet (Blue) - F2U 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow NicknamePixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Star Gazer 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow TitlePixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Fairy of the crescent moon 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow GenderPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Age (at first appearance)Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow BirthdayPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
October 1st
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Fairy SignPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Winx Dryad Horoscope by aett13

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Debut (1st appearance)Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Episode 1 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Professional StatusPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Shrine Maiden

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow AffiliationPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Alfea College
Mysterix Club

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Personal StatusPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow OriginPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow FamilyPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Mother - (Unknown Deceased)
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow RelationshipsPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Mysterix Club (All Members)
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow PetPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Star (Lynx cat)
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow PixiePixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow SelkiePixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Fairy AnimalPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 

Pixel gemstones - Amethyst PersonalsPixel gemstones - Amethyst 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow PersonalityPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Quiet and Silent 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite ColorPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Purple and Gold
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite HobbyPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Sketching and Reading
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Ideal Boyfriend/GirlfriendPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Tristan Valour 
"He's Kind  even though we did have this horrible past but that nothing really to do with him he has changed and all he wants to do is protect me and that's something which i respect"
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Best FriendPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite MoviesPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
" I love movies like Princess Mononoke and Howls moving castle these are amazing and very adventerous the characters portrayed in these movies resemble what an ideal women should be "
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow LovesPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
" Honestly i love star gazing its this amazing habit learning about the stars and constellations which make me wonder how big the world is "

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite MusicPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow
" I love artisits like P!nk and Avril Lavigne these are amazing female singers i also like bands like Skillet my chemical romance and Paramore " 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite SpellPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
" Luna Eclipse" - This spell is really dangerous and is only to be used when the time is right , my mother taught me this spell when i was young so i knew what to do when the time is right  
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Favorite FoodPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow DislikesPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Rival/Opposite (ex. Flora and Stormy)Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Aria - Aria was my sister she was just like me but she was taken when we were little and i haven't seen her since i heard rumors about her later on about how she has turned into this fearless and scarce witch and made me fear about what my family is capable of doing

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Powers and AbilitiesPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Charmix - Powers and Abilities

Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Current Fairy LevelPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Magic ItemsPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 
Pixel gemstones - Topaz yellow Fairy ColorsPixel gemstones - Topaz yellow 

Luna Bloomix by Emma1808

Magix (Magic Winx)
CM: Luna EnchantiX by WhisperingIllusion

Crescent Glow - (Heal)
Holy Shield (Denfense)
Heavens Rays (Attack)
[AT]: Luna BelieviX by WhisperingIllusion

Midnight Delusion (Defense)
Star Glitter (Heal)
Red Moon (Attack)

[AT]: Luna SophiX by WhisperingIllusion

Healing Aura (Heal)
Libra Scales (Attack)
Glitter Shadow (Defense)
Starry Glance (Defense)
Heavenly Snow (Heal)
Starry Blast (Attack)


Rainbow Butterfly Hi Guys Nova here attempting to open my art trade requests (Which appeared to be open for a while but never really wrote about it ) These days i'm only busy with writing Fairy Tail stories and completing some commissions but anybody interested please comment your character requests and references and i will edit every bodies requests onto this journal so i can keep track here are some of my drawing and sketching examples Rainbow Butterfly 

AT Winx WIP by NovalliezAT [2/2] Joe Gothix Complete by NovalliezAT : Complete Nelly Gothix  by NovalliezLuna casual clothing coloured by Novalliez
WIP Fawna's Gothix Sketch by NovalliezMeet Nova Fairy Of The Solar System by NovalliezTynix Girls Dawn and Fawna Coloured by NovalliezWind Has Returned (Fawna and Dawn) by Novalliez

Art Requests Status :

1) :iconmymelodyoftheheart: - AT : Fairy Tranformation : Status Not Started

Please Share This If you want because i'm begging for stuff to do 

Purple butterfly bullet All Commissions Are Now Open and are on a special dealPurple butterfly bullet 

After Completing Sketches and Since its summer i really want to do some commissions !!!

The list below shows all the transformations that i have done and specialize in :

Purple butterfly bullet Basic Transformation - 10 or 5 Points 

Purple butterfly bullet Enchantix Outfit Design - 10 Points 

Purple butterfly bullet Butterflix Design - 10 or 5 Points 

Purple butterfly bullet Tynix Design - 10 Points  

I also do recommended Commission these are really the only transformations i specialize with ,Conditions are that all art is hand drawn 

Please I would really appreciate the work 

The white haired women walked towards the direction of Lily , staring just about eye level Lily notices her bright smile and sudden bruised face from the previous fight

“Welcome To Fairy Tail , My Name Is Mirajane”.

Lily nodded and looked around her surrounding where the giant beast has now stomped onto one of the fairy tail members which appeared to have red hair and is now walking towards Mirajane's direction and stops in front of her

“A Newcomer?” he snarls either at Lily or Mirajane and Lily nods tugging her hood which was still in place on her head Mira turns from facing Lily towards the black beast

“Apparently So Master”

‘Wait this is the master of this guild? , well he looks quite beastly in his appearance so that's why people fear members of the Fairy Tail Guild’.

Suddenly The black beast disappears in a puff of magic replacing what Lily thought was this mighty beast with a small dwarf-like man .

“Welcome To The Fairy Tail Guild  I am Master Makarov Dreyar , What Is Your Name?” This time the whole voice had changed creating this softer and more pleasing tone which made Lily more relaxed

“Good Evening … My Name Is Lily”

Lily stated in this nice formal voice whilst removing her hood from her face revealing her astronautical purple and blue hair and her blue and green eyes but what got the members surprised was the large red/green/blue tattoo like mark covering the half of her face . That's when the shirtless man from before shouted

“NOW i know who you are , you're the laughing girl from the park” jumping in surprisement while pointing his finger towards Lily’s direction that's when a girl who was drinking a barrel raised her head and said

“Gray Your Clothes” and then continued drinking that's when he looked down and startled himself before vanishing .

“Well lets help you with the introductions , that boy before was Gray who has the power of Ice Magic he always fights with Natsu … Oh yeah the massive mess on the floor other there is Natsu who has the power of Fire magic” Mira pointed towards this now sulking blob on the floor mumbling some strange nonsense she then pointed at this Blonde Girl who was in the process of hitting this Ginger haired boy “That’s Lucy who is also a newcomer and is a Celestial Wizard” that's when Lucy waved towards Lily stating “Hi Nice To Meet You”

Mirajane now turns around smiling again “That reminds me what power or magic do you deal with?” Lily lifts up her sleeve revealing small-like marks which resemble elements the 1st was was a leaf like mark the 2nd tattoo shows a spark and fire and the 3rd reveals a drop or teardrop .

“I am a Elemental Wizard / Summoner” everybody stood in confusment and Lily Took a Deep breath

and attempting to explain

“I was born to a tribe which dealt in magic called Elemental where we are able to control many elements ; however i was born to the role of summoner where i can shift into elemental deities who can control the element which i desire “

Everybody now finally understood until somebody said

“Then can you shift into one of these”

Lily shook her head

“There are some problems when it comes to shifting , first i need to be in a similar climate for example water needs to be summoned either where i can supply water or fire or Earth and sometimes i may lose control of the deities “

That’s Natsu blasted some fire magic towards Lily’s direction she jumps in the air dodging the blast and land on the ground she smiles removing her soldering cloak revealing her outfit

“Do You Really Want To See”

Everybody shouts waving there hands in the air

“Okay everybody stand back”

Soon after Lily Said this people started moving far back

“Natsu i need a small blast of fire and aim it directly at me please”

Natsu has this cheeky-devilish smile on his face , Lily bracing herself embracing herself when the fire blast hits her skin her skin glows red revealing her red tattoo on her face suddenly wraps around Lily’s whole body and engulf her whole body in bright orange flames when the flames start to disappear replacing Lily with this floating women which is covered in black markings and surrounded in flames

Quomodo tibi proderit ?”


Magnolia was the most beautiful town ever known in Fiore , the rural town was masked with the glistening water and the specs the green woodland which dotted around certain parts of the city . This place was going to be a new beginning for Lily and she wanted to start a new since her horrible encounters from other towns she believes this can be  the place where she can finally find some peace and quiet without the town half burning down and towns folk attempting to hunt down any possible magic-users .After traveling on a train for an endless amount of hours she finally reaches the station , walking onto the platform Lily carries her satchel over her arm and decides to leave the station and heads towards the park . Sitting on a bench she looks at the sky and wonders
'this place appears perfect , magic guilds are here meaning there's many magic users  not just me so i won't get chased out of the town this time just got to figure out where i can go now ' . From the glance Lily notices somebody walking around shirtless but turning her head the whole way she notices he is completely naked she couldn't help herself from laughing at his situation and he caught glimpse her sniggering that when he noticed himself and ran off . 'Wait a moment he was a fairy tail member wasn't he?' noticing the famous fairy tail mark on his chest .

'OMG i completely forgot that , this town's guild fairy tail' thinking about all the tales people used to say how members of fairy tail were apparently dangerous and destructive but they live in such as peaceful and beautiful place . Lily stands up from the bench and picks up her bag when suddenly this massive vibration echoed through the ground causing some people some concern , thats when she saw this building shaking and Lily ran off in that direction. The building has the same mark as what she saw on that mans chest 'this must be the fairy tail's building' before even walking into the building a man was thrown through the doors , Lily quickly ducked in concern turning around where the man was sprawled across the ground people were already attempting to help him .Taking in a deep breath Lily walking into the building but somehow walked into a war zone .

People were lying on the ground tables were knocked over and plates and cups were flying around the room . 'Thank God i am wearing this cloak' Lily thought , looking around Lily Noticed this girl getting into some commotion with some boys than in the middle of it all there were two boys fighting with their magic from what it appeared both of these people were using ice and fire magic everybody was attempting to stop them from fighting but all attempts failed , until this massive giant entered the main room and shook the whole room

"CUT IT OUT YOU FOOLS" This giants words vibrated the whole room and everybody paused , everything went silent until a female voice said "Oh There's A Newcomer ?"  and everybody started starring in her direction the only thing Lily could say was "Is This Fairy Tail ?"

Anybody reading this means i have followers ^^ (YAY) ... Basically, Luna my Winx OC has gotten a lot of positive feedback (Mainly because i have amazing artists designing her clothing and transformations all the time ) And i would like to thank you to everybody who has designed anything for Luna ... Luna is my favorite OC now and has become the second OC that i have ever made so down below I'm gonna list some artists who have designed some outfits for Luna and i would be happy for anybody body else wanting to design her more outfits ( or Art Trades because i am always open) ... also anybody interested in commissions everything now is just 10Points so please request away and anybody else please share this entry because it will bring me much joy:love: 

Purple butterfly bullet  :iconlulu1399: For creating these amazing pieces of art (Thank you)Purple butterfly bullet 

White butterfly bullet :iconwhisperingillusion: For creating these awesome drawings of Luna (Hugs!!!)White butterfly bullet 
CM: Luna EnchantiX by WhisperingIllusionCM: Luna's EnchantiX wing by WhisperingIllusionCM: Luna EnchantiX by WhisperingIllusion

Purple butterfly bullet :iconemma1808: (This awesome Bloomix Design)Purple butterfly bullet 
Luna Bloomix by Emma1808

White butterfly bullet :iconmagicalbloomfairy: (For making these awesome Harmonix Wings and for the undergoing commission)White butterfly bullet 
Luna's Harmonix Wings by SavageUnicornDraws

Purple butterfly bullet :iconxxkahartsxx: (thank you for making Lunas season 2 outfit)Purple butterfly bullet 
COM: Luna Casual season 02 by xXKahArtsxX

Also Please anybody share this journal because i am starting my first ever commission and everything is only 10Points  please DM me details - Thank you 

Hi , After a long read of :iconwhisperingillusion: New journal about Mysterix club ... I'm here to give a little information about Luna , so it can help her :)

Basic Information

Name : Luna 
Age :17 or 16

Power : Power of the Crescent Moon

Personality / her way of being presented : Basically Luna is a quiet and presented as being very artistic and very creative . When she talks it is  very rare due to her childhood past but attempts to interact with everybody but mainly her friends ... It took her a while to start talking to Tristan due to the fact that she found out it he was a villain , but later started dating ( don't know if this will be added as in terms of the story line but here you go !)

Luna's Traumatic Story

When Luna was little she lost her mother due to a great and powerful unknown warlock , when this was happened the warlock attempted to kidnap Luna but her mother protected her encasing herself and the warlock in a tomb of pure crystal . Ever since then Luna began to hide herself from others and it became difficult for her to speak so she became unsociable .

I hope you found this helpful .... :iconwhisperingillusion:

Blaine Specialist / Villian Profile

General Statistics 

Name : Blaine Valour
Age : 18
Birthday : December 17th
Origin :
Fairy Sign :
Weapon Speciality : Scythe
Appearance :
History : Blaine was brainwashed by a villainous leader to capture and destroy the moon which was used to harness the power to allow and fairy with the ability to use the power , Blaine encountered Luna , he attempted to capture her but failed she fled to Alfea and Blaine chased after her disguising himself as a specialist , over the many months Blaine began to understand the meaning of being a specialist and became a full-fledged specialist after the effects of the mind control wore off.
Love Interest : Luna 
Family : Unknown
Affiliations : MysteriX , Specialists

+ UP + Isis + by AngeKrystaleen+ RP + Kaane + Lapis PNJ + by AngeKrystaleen

Look at these beautiful pieces , i really love chibi's and this art is really colourful and bright it just catches my eyes everytime :)

<da:thumb id="613357682"/>
Hi , i would like to say Good luck to the person who does get me ; and also thank you for posting another wonderful WSF , although i just started doing these , it how much fun i have whilst doing these .

----My Wishlist ----
Bullet; Blue Dawn's Sirenix with wings
Bullet; Blue Fawna's Harmonix or Enchantix
Bullet; Blue Luna's Harmonix or your very own fan-transformation

Bullet; Purple My Special Wish : Luna's Enchantix / or going through her transition

Bullet; Orange  References

Bullet; Blue Dawn (Power = Constellations)
COM: Dawn MW by Bonniebun4

Bullet; Green Fawna (Power=Elements such as fire , earth , water and air )
Fawna Gothix Transformation Complete  by Novalliez

Tynix Girls Dawn and Fawna Coloured by Novalliez


Bullet; Purple Luna (Power=Crescent moon / basically the moon )
Luna's Colour Scheme by Novalliez
Tag by :iconwhisperingillusion:

1.Post ALL the rules! 
2. Each person has to to share 13 things about themselves!
3. Chose 13 peeps and questions 
4.Can't say you don't do tags
5.Tag- backs are allowed! 
6.You must Do an Journal entry! No questions! Unless it's about the entry!
7.finish within the week! Or else you have to do Everything le creator says! 
8. Be creative! Do not say you're tagged in the title! You can in the description!
9. Answer all the quest, don't leave any blank space.

1.Why you watch me?
- Because i love how artistic you are with your drawings , you make them look so unique . 
2. Why do you like my art?
- There are really creative and colourful and they always inspire me
3.What power you like to have?
- Power? ... let me think i always wanted to be a shapeshifter or someone who controlled the power of ice 
4. Chocolate or Vanila?
- I love Vanilla more than Chocolate 
5.Jimmy? X3
6. What season of WinX you like?
-When i was little i used to watch winx club every morning because i loved the original voice actors , somehow they sound like they have changed so i would say season 1 and 2
7. What cartoons you like?
- Well i have quote a lot , many like miraculous ladybug , i used to also watch bratz when i was little along with winx club . But mainly i love watching anime many romances such as Special A and Ouran Highschool host club but my over all favorite has to be mew mew power and code Lyoko .
8. What music you like?
- I go through quite alot of music but i love listening to Japanese and Korean music , after watching the anime movie called Macross frontier i started to love this one song called Lion and it is my ringtone.
9. You ever draw in traditional?or only digital?or both?
-I always draw traditionally because i dont have the software for digtial when i go to college i normally draw digitally during my free-time but i never do have time for that now so whenever i am free i just doodle or sketch some little ideas.
10. If you have one of my OCs,which will be?
- Nona i love how she always looks like an animal and her transformations are always creative and i'm always addicted to that.
11. Yor fav. winx ship?
- Hmm last time i ever watched winx i always used to root for flora and helia , because it always looked so magical and i wish i could to relate to something like that
12. You like to have a collaboration OC with me?
- Yes i would love to , i'm always free for any of my friends
13. What's your matern language?
- I'm english since i was born in England , but if i ever wanted to learn a language it would have to be japanese because i could then understand anime instead of having to wait for english dub to come out 

My asks:
1.Why you watch me?
2. Why do you like my art?
3.What power you like to have?
4. Icecream or Cake ?
5. Your favorite peice of work you are so proud of ?
6. What season of WinX you like?
7. What cartoons you like?
8. What your favorite band or artist ?
9. You ever draw in traditional?or only digital?or both?
10. If you have one of my OCs,which will be?
11. Yor fav. winx ship?
12. You like to have a collaboration OC with me?
13. What's your matern language?


Hey want to earn points ... If you want to then do to this place ---->dAhub Avatar by dAhub