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Welcome to Crystrix club .The story behind this club is kinda strange so please follow alone and i hope it will be fun for all of us .
Long ago on the world of Cristallum (or commonly known as the moon) stood a palace of pure white crystal born in the palace was the duaghter of the beautiful Aria , her duaghter was like snow its self beautiful and untamed she knew she to would be an amazing as her so Aria named her Angel 

Years later when Angel was 7 she lived on the planet called Diamondion where her whole town was created by crystal by no one other than her mother Alemia . Alemia was the protector of her homeworld because she harbered the worlds most dangerous yet beautiful magik called Diadon (Crystalising magic) . Unknown to Alemia Angel also hardered the same gift and also something more dangerous .Sadly Angels homewrold was destroyed by Alemia in an attempt to save her duaghter from the cluthes of Lord V she encased him and herself into crystal freezing life there and sending Angel into a course where 10 years later 17 year old Angel would crash on a unfamilar world onto a college called Alfea this is where her story begins but who will play a role inside it ?

Fairy of cristallum / other power introduced later - Angel Iceglade
Fairy of ---
Fairy of ---
Fairy of ---
Fairy of ---

Prince Damon Thornblade 
Specialist 1
Specialist 2
Specialist 3
Specialist 4

Sisters Grim (Anya and Jinx) Introduced in the first story adaptation
Finally completed this took me forever please like it Winx Club Flora Tynix Hyperdimension Neptunia Green Heart Icon Winx Club Musa Frightened 
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November 24, 2015
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