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Untitled Drawing By Novalliez-d9hz209 by Novalliez

Episode 2

When i did awake i never saw clouds as bright as this and i never have seen grass as green as it was here . Diamondion was completely plain mainly because it was covered by jewels such as diamonds and rubies and even opals . But that was not not made me jump with surprise it was the fact that there was a pair of red eyes staring at me  right into my crystal blue eyes .

“You From Alfea ?”

The boy with red eyes was standing just above me i was able to fully look at him to find out he has long white hair loosely tied in a ponytail and a scar above his left eye and he was wearing clothing which looked different from what i wore . Men on Diamondion wore robes many of them wore colours which expressed their mood . But this clothing suit him well

After my minute of daydream i had crossed my head after his response mainly because i have never been here and don’t really want to leave where i fell.

“Looks like you're making a scene” before i even knew it many people who were boys were beginning to stare at me all of them wearing the same uniform as him . This just became the worst situation i have ever been in my life , quickly as i could i tried to stand on my wobbly feet and staggered to my feet and out of the hole which i had created after i had successfully crawled out of the hole it appeared i have attracted the attention of some girls who took one look at me and ran off somewhere ‘am i actually that different?’ i began to think to myself when . the red eyed boy lifted me up onto his shoulder and took me off somewhere . I began to shake violently for me to let me go sadly he wouldn't next thing i knew i was flying somewhere in a weird ship.

“You Won’t Talk Will You?” This boy was trying to make me talk , but after that moment i think it’s best for me to keep my mouth shut , for all i know Lord V could have been here

“What’s Your Name , I’m Damon ThornBlade prince of Valor”

‘Ah so he is a prince , he must be snotty and mean especially with his actions ‘ i began to think to myself should i actually give him my name since his gave me his  well my mother taught me always be nice to others as they have treated me . So i took my first deep breath and nicely said.

“My Name Is Angelique Iceblade , many people call me Angel and i am the priestess of Diamondion … well at least i was “ I began to remember what happened all those years ago . my mother sacrificing herself to protect me and to put a stop to Lord V and his minions which i hope did not fail.

“I believe we are here” Damon said to me before opening the doors i felt the breeze of the cool air hit my face .

“Welcome to Alfea”

What caught my eyes was completely amazing who would ever have guessed that this school was completely amazing and beautiful . Female students were roaming around holding books and walking around with there friends many of them felt completely safe here and i would believe that i was too. Suddenly girl started to gather either  because they never saw a girl before wearing white shamic robes before or because Damon was every girl's dream to be with whatever one works with me honestly all i want to do is go home but now i guess i can’t . The crowd divided and a old woman appeared from the crowd with white hair and glasses and to my amaze the girls that i had seen before were right next to her with an honest smile she walked in front of me and said the most happiest word i have ever heard before in my life

“Welcome to Alfea college for fairies in training… you must be the fallen girl Angelique . I am Headmistress Faragonda and welcome to Alfea”
Episode 2 Now avaible to read . please comment on this it is a draft of this season all of them i am writing will be . but now i will need some character please message me with an character bio and images of the character (normal and transformation) . Hopefully this will be a great story and will put more effort into the series
Stardere Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow great story so far ^^
Novalliez Featured By Owner May 11, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
wow thanks , i never really finished it because of other work but thanks
Novalliez Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
Episode 3 coming soon ( After the competiton is over .. anybody interested yet?)
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November 25, 2015
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