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3 years before the events of the winx club
Wipfinal by Novalliez

10 Years ago on the Planet known as Diamondion lived a young mother called Alemia and her 7 year old daughter called Angel . Lived in peace and harmony for those three years Alemia was Diamondion's Priestess and Angel would become her successor when she turned 17 unfortunatly that would never actually happen due to Lord V and his minions Sisters Grim . Lord V stumbled onto Diamondion and Attempted to take over the townand eventually Angel 

"You Shall Never Take Her ! " Alemia Proclaimed whilist clinging onto Angel's hand .
"Sooner Or Later You Will Have To Return Her To Me Alemia" Lord V stated before casting this black mass from underneath him.

Alemia casted a crystal barrier and feld towards Gem Tower (The teleport between Alfea's world and Diamondion) Blocking her and Angel in . Alemia removed her Diamond necklace and attached it around Angels neck .
"Never Forgot Me Angel , Be Proud Of Yourself And Keep Yourself Safe . I'm Gonna Send You To A Special Place This Is Where Mummy Went And They Will Take Good Care Of You " 
Angels tears began to form ice when her mother placed on a bridge and attempted to send her away when suddenly "CRASH!!" Crystal flew everywhere sending Alemia to fly across the room hitting the wall and made Angel loose her footing across the bridge . Lord V had entered the tower with two strange women at his side .
"Is That All You Got Alemia?. After All These Years You Have Lost Your Touch ... Anya , Jinx Get The Child . " Lord V Pointed towards Angels Direction and the women  walked towards her direction . Angel was scared screaming for her mother . "Angel It's Alright ... " . Suddenly the tower began to shake as Alemia floated from where she had fell and began to chant "Heavenly Moon Grant Me Power , Bright Stars Shelid My Daughter From Evil And Cast Away Any Darkness From Her Life ... " Alemia's Pure blue eyes turned white as she shouted the three most feared words Alemia was scared to say her whole life "Draya Crystalisation" Sliver crystal began to appear from Alemia freezing everything it touched . The Explosion caused Angel and Sisters Grim flying into the universe the only thing Angel remenber seeing was Diamondion turning to complete crystal.

10 Years Later

'I am sleeping through the sky  everything i remenber is a blurr . all i remenber is the terror casted into my mother eyes as her life was sacerficed to save mine . I've been falling for some time now but now i have fell onto a werid place' Angel has fallen onto a strange place where now she opens her eyes to a strange voice ..

"Is This One Of Alfea's Girls Agian ? " I opened my eyes surprisinly a pair of Red eyes starring back at me.
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November 24, 2015
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