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You Make Me so Happy

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"Everything you do, everything you say,
It all just takes my breath out astray."
Being with your loved one brings incomprehensible joy, where gazing into his caring eyes makes you all giddy inside. On the other end, he enjoys beholding his love bringing such brightness with her beaming smile.

These are some pictures I made for a project led by Neonhuo, which was a MAP dedicated to SpindleSpice
Fox Glove is such a cute mare, I really like how this turned out. And even though the colouring and lighting are rough around the edges, I think it works out for the whimsical theme.

Quote above comes from Again by Sim Gretina, which heavily inspired this project.

OC Fox Glove from SpindleSpice
OC Neon Streak from Neonhuo

Fun Fact: The colour of pony hair is due to microstructures in the hair strands that interfere with light in such a way to reflect only certain wavelengths of light. These structures are genetic and are passed down to the offspring. Most reasonable ponies explain the colouration as magical hair.
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Aww how cute man :'3<33
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Aaawww this is so cute.
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^w^ Thank youuuu! <3
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Oh my heck this is so cuuuuuuuuute!

Nice job!
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