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Where to now? [ATG7-12]

"Nopony knows that we are still here,
Smiling beneath the moonlight
while remembering our dear mother
For we will forever be, her children
of the night."

...I'm too tired

Yeah, y'all remember Children of the Night? I don't have to explain this...
Seriously I'm too tired right now--subsequently, that filly is not supposed to look like Melodia. I was too tired to create a new design, and I was curious how she'd look as a filly. Frankly, Melodia and I prefer the morning.

Honestly this idea was a bit of a stretch. I had other more fitting ideas, but I really wanted to do a simple one. Heck I was dreaming I could someday sleep early on my business trip, so that satisfies the prompt right? Gosh, shut up Nova...
Anyways, we just finished our project so I will be heading home tomorrow. We'll see what tomorrow's prompt will be.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 12
Prompt: Draw a pony chasing their dreams / Draw a pony reaching for a goal
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Haha yeah, that was a great video heh. And hey, no problem with more Melodia. Everyone needs more Melodia in their lives!
Super cute filly version of Melodia too~! It's really good! It's kinda cute seeing them just soaring through the sky.
I really like the simple concept of it. It's just another great piece by you~ Keep up the amazing work!