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Warm Pony [ATG7-X]



Hey, get off. He's my warm, little butt!
You've had him all night, it's my turn.

Heh heh, Neon is such a comfortable, adorable butt. <333

Okay, I had no time for this, so the coloring is very lacking. I assure you that is Neon Streak trying to sleep, but Melodia is trying to acquire his warmth, while Fox Glove either thinks Melodia is getting too zealous or she wants her share of the warmth.
This has nothing to do with any real jealousy, I was just very inspired with the first thing that popped into my head. Oh and PonyByteSketches is such a sweetheart, I can't hug him enough.

Business trip is tough, but we got all the difficult parts done, fingers crossed.
Seriously it's so late, but I'm happy I got this one done--sorry I'm not thinking straight.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Make Up Day X
Prompt: Draw a pony warming up / Draw a pony stretching its limits. (Day 3)

Neon Streak
from PonyByteSketches
Melodia from me
Fox Glove from SpindleSpice
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Oh boy, you got the whole gang right here~
This  is great, I like all of these OC's here, and they're all really cute in this. The variety of expressions and poses they have is awesome, and it's just a nice, fun picture overall. Keep up the fantastic work <3