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Waiting [ATG7-18]

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Published: August 17, 2017
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What's taking so long?
It's been maybe 30 minutes.
We said to meet at 6 PM,
I hope nothing bad happened.

No time to explain, too tired. Just got to put ponies in more cute dresses. Hope Starlight is ready for a romantic night, hope her date will finally show up--it must be cold outside with her dress. Who could be her date though?

I shouldn't say much, I've missed so much time because my brother had been visiting. He doesn't take too well of me drawing ponies, so I just couldn't do art. (Essentially, I wasn't feeling like rushing to get some haphazard inking and shading done, with stress for no reason). I still like how Starlight turned out though, she's might become a recurring character for these sketches.
I've got just a few more days to work on a personal coding project for my work, which will also end soon. By next week, I've got time all to myself to do art and sleep, I can't wait! ^w^

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 18
Prompt: Draw a pony running late / Draw a pony racing the clock
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NeonhuoStudent Digital Artist
Honestly, her pose on that bench along with her adorable little blushing expression is just too amazing~
And most of all, I LOVE THAT DRESS! Ponies in dresses are just- just way too cute. You have done well.
I personally ship Starlight and Sunburst, so here's to hoping that's who she's supposed to be meeting. X3
Keep up the great work! I really like this! I can't wait to see more of your amazing drawings~
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My my, Starlight is just too cute in this dress ! Love 
But, but, but where is Sunburst ???? No ! he can not do that to her, it would be terrible for her ! Waaaah! 
Hmm ... why make a sequel of this drawing? For example Sunburts that appears in a magic flash well dressed with a bouquet of flowers ?  This will make her happy ^^ (I love happy endings Meow :3
Oh, I guess some people are like that, I understand you, it is not easy to find time to draw...
In any case I love what you present, it is every time a nice surprise ^^
So look forward to seeing you in shape next week ;) But in the meantime, good luck for your work ^^
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
I bet Trixie is delaying Sunburst, hopefully she realizes how hurt Glimmy will feel. And maybe Glimmy is a little too hopeful not to get such an adorable, lovely ending--waiting all week I feel sad :('s hoping. >w<
I know, the animosity peeves me probably just as much as for him.
Glad you like it and are looking forward to what's in store. Hopefully I don't disappoint! :D
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Trixie ??? Oh I hope not :(
I do not think Sunburst is like this, you have to think positive ;)
It would be crazy to be disappointed with you xD 
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CelticSphinxHobbyist Digital Artist
Aww poor starlight ;w;  Really nice drawing! The pose she's in works perfectly!
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Poor, lonely Glim Glam ;_;
Heh, her pose was a little liberal, but really ponies on benches are always such an interesting novelty.
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VanillaGhostiesHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah, sorry to hear that your brother doesn't like the ol' pony drawing stuff, but not too much you can do there. A lot of my friends tend to be the same way, so I guess that's just the way it goes, haha.

Starlight looks adorable in this though! That dress certainly suits her, it looks quite lovely. Her hair is amazing too, I love it a lot~
Hope her date didn't ditch her though, that wouldn't be too good :^(
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CelticSphinxHobbyist Digital Artist
Yea. ;^;

Truth. It's such a hard pose to draw but looks awesome when done right. ^^
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So looks more like Starlight the First than Starlight Glimmer. 
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
What like how her body is a slightly younger build? Or maybe the hairstyle, I've tried using an alternate hairstyle, she'd probably be the type to try something nice for a special occasion.
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Well she DOES remind me of Starlight of My Little Pony Tales. (Whose greatest weakness as a leader may have been not knowing when to put her hoof down.)
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