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Tea Time Tease [ATG10-27]



Discord and I appreciate you sharing your company with our little tea time, I hope you've been enjoying yourself.
I don't follow many ships, but this one is quite fun to sail XD

Ahhhhh, maybe y'all notice I've been posting quite late, definitely well past the EQD post gets published. Frankly it feels so much more relaxing to set my own deadline. Though I'm shamelessly giving myself more time to do these pieces, at least I feel it's been rather more liberating to get a little ambitious again.
I'm surprised with the results of this sketch as I sorta skipped the detailing step and just depended on my lining experience to add in the necessary details. It's probably quicker, I should do it more often.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 27
Prompt: Draw a pony giving the gift of friendship / Draw a pony mending fences.

Flower mare Roseluck from that toy company
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Looks so cozy and lovely! x3

Bet they have a good time (as friends - I don't ship xD)