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Summer Fun

By Novaintellus
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Heh, if you're done ogling then come on and cool down with me.
The water is so refreshing, perfect for some beach fun.
A mare can't have beach fun without dressing up for the fun. Serenity knows what her stallion enjoys for fun. >:3

Eeeee, it was my good friend's birthday and this is sorta his delayed gift >n< WhiteFeather0 is such a wonderful friend who always motivates me, even though I am unable to make as much art as I'd like. It's been so long since I've done a colored piece, and this one was certainly quite a challenge as I got back into the swing of making art. I got to try a lot of the water effects but not all, I think it turned out pretty alright.

Birthday Gift for WhiteFeather0
OC's Serenity and White Feather from them
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No download link?

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Nova, you are such an amazing artist and human being<3

You never cease to prove that : ) :heart:

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No youuuuuuuu!

You're the best human being! And so precious <33

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Aww maaan ♥ >//<

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Oh so beautiful :)

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And here is the perfect gift for a birthday > w <

Really beautiful, I admit that the discovery of this drawing aroused a lot of emotion because it is really perfect :3

The quality is there with all your talent and your imagination, I love this summer theme with this beautiful sun and the clouds, but especially the use of water, it gives a pleasant visual effect very "refreshing" ^^

I would say Serenity is the center of attention in this drawing xD. She is simply sublime! Well imagined for the swimsuit hi hi >w< I love the projection of the water with these wings, its playful expression and its pose, really pretty!

White also with his smiling wink, beware of this fresh water, which seems to be suitable to get him to play with his wife ^^

Beauty is general of course, every little detail is there, everything is so perfect, the shadows and light are also perfect for the atmosphere !

Thank you very much, this is a great gift my friend, you really have a very big talent and a

unlimited generosity

> w <

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Ahhhh you are very much welcome! I'm glad you like how it turned out.

Ooohh yes I am jealous for such refreshing fun, especially with the exquisite swimsuit.

I wish I could have added a little more detail and fixed some of the lighting though >_<

Thank you for all the love ^w^ It's so wonderful to share art with you, and it's always worth it <33

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Aaaww that looks so lovely.

For one thought i thought it was my alter ego in the picture .

But on the second tought I new this is a other oc and not my alter ego.

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Hee hee, yeah I sometimes get that. At least in glancing, I think the pone looks familiar.

Thanks for the delicious love! <3

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This is awesome!!
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