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Stranded [ATG08-13]

By Novaintellus
Fortunately, our heroine always buckles up.
Spacemare Tiff, interplanetary explorer extraordinaire, is stranded in the outermost reaches of the galaxy.

Ahhh, finally a piece that actually came from inspiration. Once the ball got rolling, I really enjoyed working on this piece and how it turned out. I got to try spacesuits, guns, and landscapes. I did base the suit on The Martian and I like it. I tried making the gun look futuristic like it would be plasma based, but eh it could use more refinement. I wish I had researched and planned the landscape better though, I think the geological design makes no sense.

I apologize to Whitefeather0, after we talked so much about ideas, this idea just came to me once I started drawing. As a consolation, our heroine will inevitably plant a flag and will need to repair her ship ^^

I guess this will be the only prompt I use a non-canon pony.
Also, a cookie for whomever gets the reference

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VIII Day 13
Prompt: Draw a pony family / Draw a pony leaving the nest

Heroine of ponykind Spacemare Tiff from the Equestrian Space Program.
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That space suit looks amazing, love the detail there! Really enjoy the concept you went for here, it's certainly something unique and interesting- space themes always lead to some super cool tech c:
Keep up the awesome work! ^^
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Yeee thank you ^^ I'm sure at some point, I'd be so into Sci-Fi as it should incorporate both creativity and engineering nuances.
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Ah, I guess you had fun drawing all that ;3
Your idea is great, much better than mine, nice work ! Clap 
And nice work on the combination and the weapon, some detail reminds me of the game Halo ^^
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Ahhh I don't know if all that better of an idea than yours ^^" I was probably just not confident with my ability. I say that after spending so much time designing a pony spacesuit
Oh yeah, space suits and guns are always reminding of Halo ;3
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Woona has concurrence :3
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Yes, Spacemare Tiff will both need company and a healthy source of cuteness >w<
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is this based off the matt damon movie "the martian" ?  
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Oooo, this is fun. :3
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