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Staredown [ATG10-18]


Kinda wanted to keep this simple, but still try something I don't usually do. Ahhh I wanna learn more to draw dragons. The realistic dragons are sooooo epic, and smexy Princes Ember is such fun with more anthro anatomy. >u<
Pretty happy with how this turned out, as per usual I'm doing these last minute even in the cases I should be able to finish early.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 18
Prompt: Draw a pony in grave danger / Draw a pony about to meet its maker.

Butter pone Fluttershy from that toy company
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Okay this looks awesome, and you just HAVE to fully digitalize this one day

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It's always a good ATG if I feels it's so inspiring that it ought to be colored. Of course I hardly do that, but I appreciate the compliment ^w^

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I mean we could collab it.

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This looks awesome and adorable.

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I would say you draw pretty good dragon heads, at least

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Ahhh thank you thank you. Yee, a reference definitely helped this time, though I would also want to practice coloring the actual texture too. ^^

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