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Standing Proud [ATG9-01]

It's been a while since I've stood on my own hooves
Even ponies behaving normally can be troubled on the inside.

After maybe 29 days of drawing ponies, I've come to this: a trivial, messy sketch of a typical pony anatomy in a very generic pose. Yup that's me, disappointment.
I had missed day 1, so just last minute I am able to draw it for this make up day. Even though I'm glad this event is over, I still am concerned I will be able to keep up the momentum to work on them personal projects. Still, a small break would be nice....

Anyways, this sketch was done in the last hour of the makeup day, at least it's something. I'm lucky I left this easy prompt to the end, that way I can focus on other things.
I confess I had to work on day 30 ahead of time, because it's sorta a celebration themed piece for the day 30 prompt, and a personal project. I'll have it scheduled to be published, as I won't be doing any art this weekend due to travels and my other work.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 1 (MAKEUP)
Prompt: Draw a Pony Standing / a Pony Holding the Line

Pones Sunset Shimmer from that toy company
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My favourite pony is proud of her self.
It even makes me cry a bit.
I like the sketch.
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Aww that's adorable ^^ I'm glad you like it
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You make me blush.
But with 3 character in MLP I have a strong connection.
The 3 characters would be Sunset, Sci-Twi and Princess Twilight.
These 3 are also my nummber 1 characters in MLP.