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Sneaky Boop

By Novaintellus
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Hee hee, you're my cute stallion.
And you're mine, I'll show it!
Ooooo what's a better way to celebrate the special pony of the day by giving him a nice, cuddly boop. Make sure you you catch him off guard or else he won't get so flustered. Be careful, though, he may boop back.

This is a birthday gift for an old, but lovely, friend of mine idrawspony--I missed you buddy. Things have certainly changed since then, and it seems you have such a cute mare to snuggle ;3 Hope you are doing well and enjoying another day to celebrate you and how wonderful you are! <33

Check out the piece Vird-Gi made for him, I swear I shared the sketch of this piece with her, and she showed what she already coincidentally made:

Ahhh last minute gift, why am I so spontaneous to decide, "Eh, I'll draw something in one day" >n< I guess it's all good for a friend though, and I guess it is good practice to be speedy with my artwork. I think this time it just clicked when I was colouring the hair. Normally hair is the stage I always get reluctant to start. I think it turned out well this time ^^
Also I'm so jealous of all the shipping art I do so I guess that's some sorta weird inspiration I keep drawing from
Birthday Gift for idrawspony
OC Vird-Gi from Vird-Gi
OC Ice Glow from idrawspony
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Aaawww this picture is so cute.
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Another beautiful and cute birthday gift !! ^^
At the last minute? Wow well you are also talented with a very short time, it's beautiful Nova, you do not lose anything of your talent ;3
Great work ! Heart Hug 
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Ah yes, totally last minute ^^ I was quite stressed to get it done in time, but also a little pleasantly surprised with this accomplishment.
Of Course, thank you for the motivation and the feedback to help me finish this >w<~<33
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An amazing artwork with lovely and warm colours and such a cute composition!
And I do adore Vird-Gi's braid :3

Thank you so much, you're such a kind person! 
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Ahh thank you ^^ I wish my style was as cute--and clean--as yours XD Especially the way you do braid, oh my gosh I always feared drawing braids. I still have to take a long time for my mind to comprehend the geometry, so thanks for appreciating it! <3
Hee hee, thanks for being a lovely pone for idrawspony
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I personally think that your braids and hairs in general are more realistic than mine, so don't worry, you're really good in that - as well as in everything :3
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Awwww maan ;^; w-wwhyy??? It is so gorgeous, so adorable and cute! I had no clue I would be so blessed by you my friend! :') 
It really shows me how desperatly I must come back to this wonderful place called DA more often in the future... Now that my studies will be over in summer there should be more opportunities to do so :'3

I can't believe you worked on this and how awesome it is too see how similar your ideas were! :'D
All I told my gf was that if she were to draw me a present I'd like it to be with our OCs being cute ^^ Seems like you perefectly read my mind as well :'D

Also, adorable to know that you both were in touch - yay :'3

But hey, Nova my friend, sorry for my absence in the past months... I'll be done with my university this summer however. So, fingers crossed that this will bring me back to DA and to music! ;3

Nevertheless you thought about me and decided to draw this wonderful and adorable picture for me - thank you so freaking much dude. Really. :') <33
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Eeeee you are welcome >w< Of course you wouldn't get any hints, it was a surprise! And of course it's adorable to have your two favourite pones scheming. You'll never feel safe again, especially when we have access to your mind! >:3
And yes, you should come back with more of your creativity. I love your music and adorable pones ^w^ But obviously it's okay to be busy with your own stuff, we all have our own stories--and I certainly had quite the stressful crisis myself. I just hope you've been doing well with life <33
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Aahh Nova<3 Well the surprise was a great success indeed :'3 And nuuu my mind is supposed to be a private place :'D haha
Thanki for the support, I really do want to come back and I am confident it will be so - somewhen in summer, I estimate... ^^

Bbbut what kind of stressful crisis do you mean? :'0

But yeah overall I've been doing well with life and I hope so have you :')<33
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Hee hee, you are powerless to our affection >: )
I will look forward to anything you produce, it will be a fun summer ^^
Eh I had a long story, we should crack open a beer sometime :3 Also, I'm sure there are plenty of clues here and there
It's a little better though, at least the worst of it is in the past <3
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We should crack open a cold one sometime! c:
June will be a calmer period of time for such things~

In any case, happy to hear it's going better though - keep on that path<3
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