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Eeeee! What are you doing, that's not how you eat!
What? I just wanna know what you think of mah pie.
I had to draw this adorable couple because I decided to imitate the art style of sonigiraldo (Okay, maybe just the anatomy style XD). I apologize for ruining your style with my mediocre art skills :3

Seriously though, this is an artist you should definitely look out for if you want commissions. Their commissions are absolutely under-priced with how beautiful and high quality ponies you get. Plus, you support a really lovely person (who has drawn my Melodia plenty of wonderful times). They might be a bit busy for the summer though, it's such a shame >n<

Here are some cute pictures I used for reference. Look how adorable they are. Go give sonigiraldo a watch and some well-deserved love!

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 22
Prompt: Draw a pony in an artist’s style that inspires you / Draw a pony fanboying/fangirling

Pone Bright Mac and Pear Butter from that toy company
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