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Relax, Keep Walking [ATG7-14]

Relax, keep walking
There you go, don't be afraid

Fluttershy is not much a flyer, especially with Discord toying with her wings. He should be careful though, she might have some reaction out of panic or something.
You get a cookie if you can get the reference, I feel it's quite a stretch crossover, but kind of obvious at the same time. (I love playing the music to this reference on the piano ^w^ probably my second favorite to play)

While this isn't too complicated of a scene, I'm rather happy with how well I think I've been figuring out anatomy. I think with the limited amount of time I give myself (I always get distracted while trying to decide on a topic), I seem to be realizing the overall form and details much faster each time. Even drawing Discord another time is really showing how I am ebbing towards actually expanding my repertoire...maybe...

I've been in the midst of trying to catch up on all the lovely comments and great art pieces y'all have been putting out. Forgive me if I miss yours, or I feel I have no relevant response. Regardless, I appreciate all the support and sources of inspiration all of y'all are to me. <3

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 14
Prompt: Draw a pony crossing over with your favorite game/book/movie/ect / Draw a pony doing something you enjoy.
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Okay, let me take a shot in the dark here... To The Moon? I'm probably way off lol
Really cute Fluttershy though! And especially great job with Discord! He's really hard to draw, but you did a great job!
And yeah, I totally get you. I'm struggling just to keep up commenting on your guys's pictures, and I haven't been keeping up with replying. I really need to get on that.
Great work though! I love all that you've been drawing. Fantastic job!
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Ah nope, I do not see the reference of your drawing (Goodbye cookie :( )
But in any case, it's beautiful (like always, you do not make any mistake? ^^)
The anatomy is perfect, clean and clear, and details are there to embellish each trait.
Beautiful work, keep it like this :)
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It's alright, I just couldn't settle on just any obvious reference. (Well, I couldn't settle on anything easily :3 )
Aw thanks, I've been surprised how well I think I've done with Discord. Maybe he's like hair where I can just make his body twist and turn.
Or something...^w^ <3
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Yes, it would be too easy otherwise ^^
All possibilities are good with Discord xD
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I can't say I know the reference, but Flutters got a sweet hat. Those are some lovely wings too~
Nice work on Discord, he looks quite nice in your style, and it works really well. Good stuff :^)
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Yeah, cute hat! C:
Gosh thanks, wings are always such a challenge for me; I still think I can learn a thing or two (or several) from you.
Heh, my first attempt drawing Discord was still too close to the show. I don't know, I think my style adds a little pudge to his face. ;3
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Superman Flying Lois throw the clouds.
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I actually saw an animation, that had Fluttershy curled up, and her wing feathers tiptoeing along the grass, and the subtitle saying that even Fluttershy's own wings felt she needed to get out of the house more! 
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