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Proud of You

By Novaintellus
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Do you ever wonder how proud I am of you?
Or how amazed I am of your accomplishments?
Regardless, you should be the most proud of yourself,
because you're the one overcoming the obstacles.
Ponies in skirts and handsome suits are always so classy. But stallions wearing pants? They're still weird.

My friend recently finished up some school, so here is a congratulation gift. ^^ She'll probably hate me for drawing her OC's again without asking, and drawing them in such an adorable, cuddly, lovely moment (at least I hope it's good). Who knows if it's an awkward thing to do, I don't's my fault if it is I guess? Who cares. This conversation is now uncomfortable, I need to stop.

Anyways, I tried a more anime-esque style because she is an absolute weeb, while still respecting my own style. I think too much of my style got mixed in though, so that's a shame. What do y'all think?

Gift for Ilynalta
OC's Paradox Nebula and Erlenmeyer from them
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Aaaaww I've just downloaded DA and I must thank you again for this adorable piece of cuteness. Para and Erlen look so cute together.. And in Uranohoshi's uniform >w<
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Oh you are welcome, you adorable butt :3
I love these two, especially drawing them. I suspect I love them more than you with how much I've drawn of them XD
And yes, remind me to draw more of these outfits, they're soooo cute. <3
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If she hates you for drawing her OC's in your amazing style.... then sign me the hell up for that honor!!!
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D'aaawww, this is so cute and beautiful.
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Yee they are a cute couple ^^
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Aaawww this picture is so cute and make me cry a little.
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It gives me a little liquid pride too.
Thank you. ^w^
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