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Presents for Friends [ATG08-22]



Let's go wish our friends a Happy Hearth's Warming
Ahhh, offering gifts to your friends, an opportunity to demonstrate just how much you appreciate loved ones. What do y'all think counts as a gift? Do y'all often worry your gifts may not be appreciated?

I have always enjoyed the winter holidays, especially for Christmas. I guess it's both the nostalgia of school ending for the holidays and the cold weather perfect for getting cozy. Where I live, we hardly ever get snow, but I've associated cold weather with a white Christmas. Idk, I just like the dreary cold.

Whitefeather0 is sooooo lovely for helping me with ideas. Even though we thought of so many other, "saucy" ideas, I appreciate we were able to settle on one. You deserve a present so much! >w<~<3

Too bad I had to finish this in the last minutes. While these times are stressful, they remind me of how great it is to have so many hotkeys.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VIII Day 22
Prompt: Draw a pony celebrating your favorite holiday / Draw a pony partying too hard

Butter pone Fluttershy and devilish Angel Bunny from that toy company

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