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Poke Puff Surprise

By Novaintellus
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Happy Birthday, cutie!
I got you something sweet,
and along with it, some nuzzles!
Sylveons have the ability boop Umbreons with delectable treats. Refusal is impossible.

This is a birthday present for Neonhuo. The idea came from SpindleSpice. As always, Neon is such wonderful friend for me, the absolute patience he has for me is too much. He certainly shouldn't have to deal with me, yet so often he demonstrates being a true, true friend. Happy birthday Neon! <33
Also, Spice says you're the cutest, Neon.

Wow, I haven't been drawing any ponies this year; it feels weird. I guess drawing new things is like learning from the beginning again. So now I know I'm garbage.
Cough cough, it doesn't help that I hardly know anything about this stuff...I'm too old >n<

Gift for Neonhuo (and SpindleSpice)
Rayris and Nano from them respectively.
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Aww, still a drawing too cute !! Heart  And a couple, I love couples, it's so cute two people who love each other ^^
I do not know much about Pokemon, especially if it's the latest generation ? But in any case, the feline side he gives off is perfect, I love !
Nice work Nova, I see you're really good at other character ideas, it's a very beautiful.
But I admit that some ponies would be welcome xDDD
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That's adorable. 
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Oh my gosh THANK YOU NOVA!!!
This is an amazing birthday present! Thank you so much! You’re so kind I can’t even :’)
It really is perfect! Thank you thank you thank you! <3