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Paradox's Cosplay

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Marill Marill Marill Maaaaarrriiiillllllll
Happy Birthday Ilynalta!
My friend really loves to cosplay for anime, especially for Love Live! School Idol Project (At least I think this is anime). This definitely will not bring as much happiness as the real experience, but I hope as a personalized depiction it makes for a nice gift. Also, my friend has a thing for Marill, the best cuddly ball, so this outfit was inspired by Marill. Maybe one could call her outfit, a "Mare-ill?"
Anyways, Ilynalta is a nice friend, though I've probably not been helping with that. She definitely deserves much more than what I can offer--and that's saying something when I've combined Para and Marill into one...what an absolute cutie. <3

Love Live! has these really adorable cards, so I wanted to try the design. Of course I could not achieve the same level of details, but I feel I got a pretty accurate imitation of their dress design themes. I'm still learning how to do that efficient and clean shading style, somehow I can't wrap my head around it. And I definitely spent too much time recreating the card background from scratch >n< At least I got full control over each element, and I think it turned out very well. Though you can easily see where I skipped some details...obviously there must be a plugin to generate all these patterns

Birthday gift for Ilynalta
OC Paradox Nebula from them

Blue mouse Marill from Pokemon
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That is cute af! :3
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OML this is pure cuteness.
Yes Love Live! School Idol Project is a anime.
I am a fan from it.
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Ooohhh nice. If I had the time, I I would totally be a fan with how adorable it looks--though too many waifus to handle >w<
Glad you like it <3
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this is a wondeful piece the colors match perfect and the bublles look really nice
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Aww thanks ^w^ I really fretted last minute to best balance those colours, I'm glad they are appealing.
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