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Nighttime Art

By Novaintellus
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Hmmm, what a peaceful night to do some art.
I really like how this piece is turning out.
Oooo such a cutie, in her cozy art place with such comfy socks and plush bed. Hopefully she doesn't lose too much sleep though, that art looks like a lot of work.

But don't we all want to stay productive doing art, even when we get so comfortable XD Mmm and it's so relatable to be working late into night on your art to get it done. However, no reasonable artist would ever be pleased with their art while they are working on it, that's impossible.
Ahhhh, this is the final piece in a long series of commissions. I'm so glad to finally be caught up, after sooooo long--I've been so bad about these commissions >n< I kinda want to work on personal projects and some canon art for a bit now.

Commissioned by PvrpleHaze
OC Vanilla Red Dagger from them
OC Dark Ceeper (portrait) from Link2300
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Oo, it's great to see you drawing some good ol' socked ponies! You got some really nice texture on them, and the color matches her mane perfectly. And of course they look adorable <:
You always do a beautiful job on your nighttime settings, and those extra lights in the background really add some extra interest to the environment as a whole. Lovely work on both the pony and the background, this is a great piece! Looking forward to your personal projects/canon artwork in the future (:
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Such smexy socks!
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I always love your description :3

Wonderful smexy work ;P~
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It's look so beautifull ! Thank you so so sooo much ! Can I download it please ? :)
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Awww thank you ^w^~<33 I'm glad I could draw your cute pone once more.
Of course, I'll get you your download ;3
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Uh she is sexy and cute. I think I can understand it.
I am not an artist but I am still a perfectionist in what I do.
Not always but when it is. Has it ever taken me the fun of the matter often because I wanted to have it perfect.
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Yes you better understand pone aesthetics, especially when it comes to socks ; )
I certainly empathize with that, with just any task--not just art--there is strife for perfection. It's certainly a challenge to pursue perfection and find a stopping point where you could somewhat be satisfying, and it definitely can be disheartening when you don't reach that point. I often remind myself that practice makes better--not perfect--so I'm more motivated to at least try and get the most out of my practice. Of course, I put out utter trash in the past, but the improvements add up eventually ^^
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