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Nightly Serenade

By Novaintellus
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Stretch those fingers and let's show them how it's done, Rara
What fingers?
Uhh, hooves! Stretch those hooves, that's what I said!
...Whatever you say, Sunny, Let the show begin.
Two exquisite mares ready to jam all night for an audience in a city that never sleeps. What a dream to live the high life of talent and popularity.

Happy Birthday VanillaGhosties! You absolutely lovely, talented butt, we hope you have a great day. You're such an amazing person with all the work you do and beautiful art you make. ^w^~<3

This was a collaboration with Huffy26 to make a birthday gift for our friend VanillaGhosties. Huffy did most of the work drawing the ponies, sketching out the composition, and reminding me to do my work; while I just coloured the background. >u< Also, my friend WhiteFeather0 helped flesh out the idea of the piano, I like how the piano turned out, even though it physically makes no sense XD

Huffy pointed out that I also did a collab last year for Vanilla's birthday. It seems I feel so inferior to Vanilla's talent that I keep piggy-backing off of collabs XD Maybe someday I will be good enough to make a gift by myself that is worthy of the pone god. I owe Huffy one, it was great working with them, what a wonderful friend.

Also, Vanilla is a pretty good artist, you should check their work out. 

Birthday gift for VanillaGhosties and collaboration with Huffy26
Ponies Sunset Shimmer and Rara from that toy company.
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Novaaaaaaaaaaa! It really was wonderful to get the privileges of working with you! And I learn so much from you too. I do think that you're understating your importance in this collaboration here, but rest assured that you are very rectangular! ^^ I mean, seriously, life can get pretty busy, and it can be difficult to prioritize tasks, but in the end, you were able to make time for your friend(s). Not only that, but you went to great length to make sure that this present is top-notch in quality. Regardless of how you see yourself, I see you as a reliable, dedicated, and understanding friend. 
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Wow, thank so much to the both of you! This is such a wonderful gift, I'm blown away.
Huffy did wonders sketching out the ponies and layout of the picture. The attitude from both Sunset and Rara is nothing short of perfect- those expressions are top notch. Sunset sitting on top of the piano while Rara plays is a genius idea. And the placement of both ponies around the piano alongside that glimpse into a larger cityscape in the background really tops everything off.
And you absolutely killed it on the lighting. I shouldn't be surprised since you always do a phenomenal job in that department, but you just keep getting better and better. The way those warm and cool lights mix is freaking beautiful. I love how the image transitions from Sunset in the warmer area to Rara in the cooler area- it splits up the image in such a nice way, while still feeling entirely connected. And of course, your rendering on the ponies is beautifully done, and compliments Huffy's style super nicely.
And thank you to WhiteFeather too for his idea! The piano certainly adds a lot to the composition, and Rara might be a bit naked without it (^:
I really could write for ages about everything that you guys did right on this- it's a fantastic piece, and I'm genuinely so impressed by how well you both pulled it off. You're both wonderful, thank you so much, I love this <3
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Yayy, glad you like it >w<
Hee hee, somehow I came up with the opposite colour scheme with Rara getting the warm spotlight, but Huffy surely talked some sense into me. I was frankly a little surprised with how well our styles were able to come together.
Yup you certainly inspire many of us, my friend. <33

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Great idea here!
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Mmmm thanks ^^ It's quite fun to collaborate ideas
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Uh this looks so awesome.
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