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Never Said Goodbye [ATG9-18]

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Published: July 14, 2019
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"Then you didn't even bother to show up.
we were supposed to be friends.
I felt like I wasn't important."

Ha ha, had to rush this one again, but I'm finished with cooking. Now I get to worry about personal projects along with ATG ><"
It seems I keep drawing all these heartbreaking scenes recently. It's not like I'm having friendship problem, no way. I just think back of how Twilight kept pushing Moondancer to be her friend or something. Somehow the magic of friendship works, but it kinda leaves a bad taste in the mouth with how relentless and humble bragging (maybe brag humble idk) she acted. I guess the guilt of how she treated Moondancer is compensation enough?

The other friendship stuff throughout the episode was pretty good though. 10/10

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 18
Prompt: Draw a pony under the weather / Draw a pony not feeling themselves

Pone Moondancer and Twilight Sparkle from that toy company
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alviniscuteHobbyist Digital Artist
Moondancer is fierce yet so precious 
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Hee hee, she is a fierce pone, but still sensitive ^^
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Oh yes I remember this episode with Twi and Moonlight. I was very surprised by Moonlight's reaction, which was very fair against Twi. But in the end she was right, nobody should be like that with these friends.
It was a bit too easy for Twi to try to gain Moonlight's trust and friendship again with these strange ideas to divert the subject from the real problem.
But I like this episode it anyway ^^
Nice work on this drawing, it is perfect to illustrate this scene : 3
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Mhmm, it's sort of a curse of friends to have such difficult tensions, and the trust in a friend is certainly challenged when they are not honest or choose to be insensitive. How friends depend on each other is quite complicated, and certainly can not be that easy to repair. At the very least what twi did was rebuild a door to bring further communication.
Thanks my friend, even though this drawing was rushed, it still helps me express. <3
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This was a sad episode. But I like this epiosde a lot.
Ah, and I think that you captured this scene great.
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, just like Twilight, we look back to the first episode and realize just how much impact that seemingly one-off moment of not showing up for a friend really did bring out a lot of intense emotions. It's quite touching to be more reflective and sensitive of others. ^^
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I love this episode!  LOVE THIS EPISODE!!!!!  Long live Season 5!  Very nicely done!  :heart:
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
>w< Yee it had quite a lot of little fun things
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