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Mage Experiment [ATG7-25]



If I can inject a little more hamonic flux,
I may be able to achieve super criticality.
Once I reach the optimal isotope density,
Then I can cast magical missile at my foe.

In my opinion, magic would be cooler if it included a whole lot of nuclear physics, but maybe I'm just bias. Just saying that Twilight would become a more adorkable egghead...

Curse ATG for challenging us. I was thinking on skipping after reading the first prompt, but then the second one was just tailored for newbie artists. May as well try putting Twilight in some nice threads.
I think drawing a human form allows for greater number of poses and expressions. Obviously that's probably with consideration of how constraining a pony body really is. Since I've been wanting to improve my pose game, maybe I should start drawing pasta people. (I know someone who would like that ;3 )

Ok, technically, I've drawn a similar pose like this before. Technically I wasn't trying to learn anything then, and technically I started again from scratch.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 25
Prompt: Draw a pony doing whatever comes to your mind / Draw a pony doing something you've never drawn before
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Oo, that's quite the outfit-- looks great on her :^)
Really nice anatomy on the body too, it's very well done. Anthro seems pretty difficult, and I'm sure it's different than what you're used to, but you did a great job on this!