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Little Memories

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"Rainbow Dash...somepony, anypony..
help me. I don't know what's going on"
In hard times when anxiety brings crippling dread of trying to live life, the first line of support are your friends. Losing them is a compelling sign of imminent doom. The only way to prevail is to hope that you will not be forgotten. And only your true friends would always try to save you.

Bleh this was such an old project :P Months in the making, and certainly a lot of inconvenience to hold back the story this piece is covering...I'm such a dead weight :/
Quite a lot of background work though, so that was certainly a challenge

But go check out Skijarama (or their Fim Fiction Skijarama), and send him some love. He is quite a nice writer and the amount of patience he has with me makes him a saint >n<
You can read he fic [Here] Also, it is another installment in his The Little Flashes Series--which I've covered a couple others--so check those out too

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Good to see some more artwork from you that displays your landscape painting skills. You’re consistently able to pull them off quite beautifully. Those months it took to finally take this piece to completion certainly shine through here. Very nicely done, Nova!
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This picture speaks to me from my heart.

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I had quite strong depression.
They are better now but every time when too much negative happens it comes out again.
The cry for help but no one hears you. I was my own savior back then.
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Aww, that's definitely something I could empathize with--though I'd feel more sorry with the lack of help you were able to find.
If there's anything to appreciate, it is that you're stronger, and hopefully it continues to only improve.
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Well, I was a bit used to putting on a mask.
That's why nobody really noticed it. So I'm a little bit to blame myself.
But that is in the past. 
Today it is easier. But still there are stupid days.
Even if the derpession is just one side effect of ADHD.
What my most concentration has claimed. But also thanks for the nice words.
I know that I am not alone with my problems. 
That alone helps me in the hard times.
Ah and as a side not. I was not alone I have my familie.
But to this time 
they did not notice that I did not feel well mentally.
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I remember the wips presented for this drawing ! ^^
Besides the flawless appearance of the characters you always master to perfection ;3  I loved the creation and the idea of ponyville, the result is really beautiful besides being well detailed o.O
The landscape extends even to Canterlot and these mountains, plains ... it's so beautiful to watch !  You can be proud of it hoping that this kind of creation is still drawing in the future :3
Clap Heart 
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