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Let Me Fly With You

By Novaintellus
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"Then my lost heart wings would spread and fly
Cause you and me its destiny"
When your love overcomes the obstacles in life: Race, ability, and distance seem less significant when you both would do so much to be together.

This is a clip I made for a project led by Neonhuo, which was a MAP dedicated to SpindleSpice
Frankly I wish I had more time to properly flesh out this animation, fix a lot of the proportion issues, and smooth out the movement; but completing the project within a week, and this clip in a matter of three days, I'm pretty happy with the results. It was good practice again with frame-by-frame animation, and I certainly am reminded of just how tedious it is to ink and colour each frame DX. Hope y'all like it.

Quote above comes from Again by Sim Gretina, which heavily inspired this project.

OC Neon Streak from Neonhuo
OC Fox Glove from SpindleSpice

Fun Fact: They say Red Bull gives you wings, and here Neon gets wings through the power of love. Thus Love must be unadulterated Red Bull. Subsequently, Princess Cadence is the princess of Red Bull.
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Getting to this one a bit late, but I just have to mention how beautifully done this is. I love the concept, and I love the execution even more.
The way those magic particles all converge and sprout into wings looks incredible. And the little turn Neon does before he starts flying is really quick, but I'm sure it was super difficult to make it look that natural. You pulled it off pretty much perfectly.
And don't even get me started on the actual flying animation. I can barely draw wings in a still image- animating them for two ponies in a single scene sounds like a nightmare, but you make it look easy. 
This whole scene is put together beautifully, and I'm super impressed by how nicely you pulled this off. Neon's lucky to have had you be a part of his project. Awesome stuff all around ^^
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Woooooah!!! That looks absolutely amazing! Beautiful animation and concept for this! Great work!! :D
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Oooohhh thank you ^w^
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Hello, I recommend you to report and block bonanzaBobBoward because he draw someone's characters without their permission to insult the artist. (The onwers of the characters)

Also Nice animation. :)
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Ah alrighty, thanks for the concern.
And thanks for the compliment ^^
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Wonderful! It's great and hard work!
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Aaawww this is so cute and beautiful.
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>w< Thank youuuu <3 They're such a cute couple anyways.
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