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Legendary Waitress [ATG08-25]



Have hope, I would never forget you.
The waitress, she was a legend in serving customers, able to carry drinks while walking and looking good doing it.

Ahhh, so begins the speedy roughs, hopefully I'll manage time to keep getting something out--I really want to get all prompts on time. Yet this probably took two hours. I can't help it when it comes to fun pieces>3<

I found the way they portrayed her altruism silly, but she is such a cute pone! Aaaand she's so caring for others.
Did y'all know the root "somn-" means sleep and "-ambula" means walking? So Somnambula is sleep walking.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VIII Day 25
Prompt: Draw a ponified version of a fairy tale / Draw a legendary pony

Dat pone Somnambula from that toy company
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Love this one! Outfit, pose, and everything are super well done~