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Left Behind [ATG9-20]

Wait! Don't leave without me!
Awww poor coco, she's always so unlucky. Would someone help her get a new train ticket?

I was going to draw her in those anime school skirt outfit things, but I forgot. Shame, maybe I would have included a piece of bread in her mouth.
Wow 20 pictures in to ATG...wait I forgot day 1. But we're almost finished, ahhh I've been having so much difficulty with this year. Somehow I'm worse this year >n<
I can't wait to finish this, I am committed to drawing all of the days!

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 20
Prompt: Draw a pony in a dire situation / Draw a pony as the unlikely hero

Pone Coco Pommel from that toy company
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Uh I know that by bus and Coco looks so cute here.
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Aww thanks, yeah I'm pleasantly surprised with how Coco turned out, I like it.
And I make sure to avoid as much public transit like buses because I know things will go wrong XD
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I haven't had that happen but I have got on the wrong train before! That was scary! Thankfully I was able to get off at the next stop and wait for family members to come "rescue" me lol!
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Ooooo that is certainly a horrible and scary feeling, just sitting there the whole time, second guessing of whether you're in the wrong place and stewing over how to get out of your situation. That's when I get the most paranoid >w< Good to have your rescue plan