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Last Resort [ATG9-04]

"And forgive me for being so blind"
It's more than self defense.

Today I had some stresses, I'm not sure if I'm upset like sunbutt or angry like moonbutt here. It irritates me to get so distracted by the little things for me to take so long on this piece. Frankly, I took longer than I'd like and yet I made far better drawings last year compared to this. I'm not at all satisfied with this, and the only thing good about it is that this would be nice to be a finished drawing. Gosh I hate myself, I guess I'm sunny butt then.

Anyways, another Celestia drawing, and I draw more from that Lullaby for a Princess animation. It's still pretty good.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground IX Day 4
Prompt: Draw a pony reaching the breaking point / Draw a pony at the end of their rope

Pone Princess Celestia and Nightmare Moon from that toy company

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Aww, this picture makes me saaad. This is such an emotional scene. You portrayed it quite well though! Hope you’re doing alright
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Yusss. I wish I had more time to draw debris and destruction, i think it would add to all the desolation here.
Eh, I'm not doing horrible, but I've been better. No worries, my friend, there is nothing anyone can do about it.
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I find it looks awesome.
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Oooo thanks, you're too flattering
Good work on Today's ATG! I always like seeing what you do
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You butt...<3333333
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