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Knight Ruby

By Novaintellus
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This knight pledges to thy infallible choice, Princess, to disgrace thee is to surrender morality and life.
There is nothing beyond thy authority and grace, but only the just mercy of God Himself.
Thou art good and virtuous to all, and I shall be the sword and shield of thy nobility.

Kobolds are kind of like dragons, right? In that case, it's kind of funny that the dragon is the knight.

Happy birthday to the lovely Neonhuo! He is older another year, but my goodness he has always been so noble and honorable for his friends. Ahhhh, a true knight in shining armor! >w<
Also don't kill me for the cheesy quotes, I was horrible in English class and can't write anything good

This is sort of a pair with a previous piece I did for Neon's waifu, SpindleSpice, thus I wanted to keep a similar anatomy style. I probably should have leaned more towards dragon than humanoid in the first place with my lack of drawing humans. Heh, at least it's a bit easier to design human clothes to fit a human body XD (Though how the heck do you design a helmet for a dragon with all those spines?)
Dancer Aurum by Novaintellus
Kinda wish I had the foresight to give Aurum as much attention to detail and really tie these two pieces together

Also a huge inspiration for this piece was that game For Honor. I never played it, though it looks so epic. I think if there is one theme I would love to use when learning human anatomy, it would be armor. Evidently I didn't get as much detail as I should have, but I really like how this turned out. I need to try more dynamic and abstract lighting because this was rather fun and I think it's rather fast given how much stylized detail you get from such gritty textures. But what do I know? XD

Birthday gift for Neonhuo
Kobold OC Ruby from them
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As usual, you are still as good, this dragon / warrior is really too top class xD
Omg I love it! Between the armor, the elements of clothing, the atmosphere ... it's magnificent.
Always as well done, the details are perfect, it is a pleasure to observe it from all angles.
Perfect therefore, another great birthday present ^^
Good work ! Clap Love 
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Hope your adventure in learning armor anatomy panned out great! Also you could totally go back to your Aurum character drawing and spice her up. That way these two drawings could go together the way you mentioned 😄 both characters are amazing on their own anyways hehe keep up the great work!
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Curse you and your good idea XD that would certainly be the correct thing to do.
Hee hee, thanks for the delicious love, that's why I'm probably going to just move on and keep working on newer things. ^3^
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He's gonna have a hard time bending forward with that cuirass though.
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Ahhhh yes! I absolutely had issue designing the whole waist area. At the time, I seriously could not wrap my head around why the features were not fitting in where they should. I think I incorrectly blocked out the armor from the start--I probably should have been doing proper research at that point.
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Got ya covered fam:…………………………

Believe you me, this is just BARELY scratching the surface. If you want to see others I can suggest looking at videos of the Wallace Collection, the Doge's Armory of Venice or perhaps the Palace of Malta.

Any other questions you have, go ahead and ask ;)
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Uh looks awesome.
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