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It's Summer!

By Novaintellus
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It's finally summer!
Let's go have fun!

Happy birthday to GaelleDragons! >w< You are an amazing person, and to me you're such an art inspiration. I know you came on the art scene after me, yet you have easily far surpassed my art. And congratulations on pursuing art as a profession, I am absolutely certain you will find success with the talent you have. I still bid you best wishes to fulfill your passion, and I thank you for being such a wonderful and helpful friend. Sorry if her mane is not like your current hairstyle ^^"

As for my art, this is sort of a warm up for me. I've been bogged down with my university capstone project, but it's finally done and now I can work on art! Oh I have so many ideas, though I want to do more canon ponies and personal projects. So hopefully y'all will see more art from me. ^^

Birthday Gift for GaelleDragons
OC Little Flame from them

Fun Fact: She is named Little Flame because she can wield the sun with her tail. Celestia be jealous
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This is absolutely adorable! :D what a cutie!
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Awww of course she's such a cutie ^w^
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great pose! :love: I like how dynamic and lively she is
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Oh thanks! Yes she is quite an energetic pone :3
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A very nice drawing that announces the beautiful season and your return with arts as beautiful as this one ^^ Clap Heart 
Looking forward to seeing your next achievements my friend :3
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Love how bright and happy this is- you never fail to amaze with your adorable horses! I really like the hair on this one especially, those braids are done very well. Awesome artwork for an awesome OC~

It's good to see you post again! And I'm glad to hear you're done with your university project too- hope to see more art from you soon <:
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Nuuu I always fail to amaze X3 you're the one bringing a smile to us all with your adorable horses (and endless torment of our inferior art skills).
I do appreciate the braids though, I can never wrap my head around the geometry of braided hair, so they are always so difficult for me.
Yeah, technically I'm not done with my project just yet ^^" plus I need to start worrying about other things. But I'm sure I will be motivated by the need to get art down after such a long time without relaxation.
Hopefully <3
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Oh. my. Celestia. THIS IS SO AWESOME I LOVE IT!!! La la la la Love 
Seriously, wow. I love you so much for doing this, you are such a kind and generous person. Your words flew right to my heart and warmed it! Heart 

As for the drawing itself, I love it so, so much. It's dynamic, yet detailed at the same time. You did a great job with the shading and I LOVE the overall composition and idea for the piece. Little Flame looks like a true conductor of light here. x3
Also that chest fluff. Twilight (Squee) Plz 
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You are welcome, but we should be celebrating you >w<
Besides, you're the kind and generous person for helping me, and you certainly deserve more than I could ever hope to give.
Subsequently I don't think this is good enough for you, but I appreciate all the flattery XD
But yes, only Little Flame would have the power to control such unbridled power of the sun...and of course she would do it for you. <sub.With chest fluff</sub> :3
Hope you are doing amazing as always, and continue to outshine us all.
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Absolutely gorgeous. 
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