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In Tartarus

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Published: October 31, 2018
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All it takes is one pony to stand up for what's right.
One Nightmare Night, a brave soldier shall fight.
Twilight's Nightmare Night celebrations have deviated quite significantly, it only took a couple of shots before she ended up in Tartarus.

I had angrily snapped recently and I was not the best of friend I ought to be. I should have put that frustration more to inspire this piece rather than be an insufferable butt. If I'm going to have a regret in life, my recent outburst will likely be it...I'm probably going to Tartarus. For my failure as a friend, the princess of friendship shall rain fire and brimstone down on me. May book horse have mercy.

Anyways, this piece certainly came into existence last minute for Nightmare Night. Having been thinking about doing less commissions and more canon pieces, I'm liking the ambition and inspiration to get me so focused on art. I've always wanted to try more gritty pieces featuring some epic armor, and I'm really happy with how this turned out given the time constraint. I'm still probably a little inefficient and clumsy with the details though.

Happy Halloween! Other than fighting off demons of Tartarus, what do y'all do for the holiday?

Twilight Sparkle from that toy company.
Time Duration: 5:41:44

Featured in Equestria Daily's Drawfriend #2786. Huzzah!
Fun Fact: Pony armour is commonly manufactured from an amalgam of gold and powdered magic. While gold is a relatively soft metal and by itself would not be a suitable material, ponies invest the necessary magic resources because they like shiny, gold things.
Fun Fact: Twilight Sparkle does not need armour, Twilight Sparkle has unmatched magical powers. Twilight Sparkle is a demigod.
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NC-TVHobbyist General Artist
Too much epic! Love it! :la:
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Uh this looks so awesome
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Happy Halloween to you Nova !  Heart Hug 
I admit that I answer you a little late... , do not blame me please Waaaah! 

This is a very nice piece that you present us for this day, and as usual, I'm always impressed by the quality of your drawings !
The armor is perfect for this Twilight, I guess it will give him the courage and defense necessary to stop the threats that come before it!
You are always so good, even with this time constraint, you always succeed in doing what you want, and I do not see any defect in it even if you still manage to find something to say.

Do not blame yourself for this or what happened recently ... there are always obstacles on the roads, which hurts us and makes us say things that can hurt.
In this kind of situation, you always have friends to support you and give you advice. I know it's not easy ... but everything will get better. Heart Huggle! 
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idrawsponyHobbyist General Artist
Love it! Very cool work, thank you for being inspiring :3
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rbennett8799Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is incredible
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VanillaGhostiesHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, this is fantastic, Nova! I absolutely love character closeup paintings, so this is right up my alley.
The detail and lighting effects alone are enough for me to really get into this one- everything here is done so well and it all comes together super nicely. 
That armor looks so good too, it's superb <:
Great to see some new art from you, especially for something this remarkable- love this a whole lot, and would love to see more like it! < 3 
Novaintellus's avatar
NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh thank you, yes I love those in general with how much emphasis is focused on the character and artist's style.
I think the lighting has a lot of inaccuracies, especially with the armour, but I still had fun colouring it. Oh you like the armour? I wasn't so sure since I made a few changes to the design featured in the show to be a bit more reasonable. Of course that brought in a few other problems ^^"
Thank you so much, to receive compliments for the few art I can put out, it's really quite touching. <333
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Nice work! Ave Princess!
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NovaintellusHobbyist Digital Artist
Ave! ^^
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