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I Apologize [ATG7-04]

By Novaintellus
I apologize for all of this, all of your pain
I never wanted this to happen to you.
I take full responsibility for causing this,
But I hope you also don't regret our love.

I'm curious how people felt about that Perfect Pear episode. I am fairly certain it was not explicit that these two passed away, but I still feel sad. Maybe part of it was being abandoned by your own family--truly crushing. Gosh I want to see more than a mere happily ever after.
Oh my gosh, I apologize for how late I came in for ATG this year. While it did come up so unexpectedly, I was on business trip and the first prompt came out when I was touring New York City. (I freakin' love food <3)
Now I'm back, and my online class is ending next week, so I want to get back into the swing of art by participating in ATG. Of course I have one more business trip next week too, but I'll hopefully have found my rhythm back by then. ^^'

I'm kinda questioning how I should format my submissions for ATG this time around. I like the sort of standalone, sketchy feel of this, but it kind of seems too refined or clean--maybe stylized such that it should remain as is. I was also considering just submitting all of the sketches and brainstorms I've done that led up to this final idea (it takes me forever to decide)--which though I don't need to do refinement as much, I might feel too embarrassed to show all the other rubbish that came before. I don't know yet, but I'm currently more worried about finding time to make some actually decent art :(

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 4

Prompt: Draw an emotional pony / Draw a pony fit to burst.
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do you take mlp request?
Novaintellus's avatar
I'm sorry, i can't right now >_<
Even if it's a canon idea, I might not remember by the time I get to sketches. Sorryyyy!
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I literally almost cried with this episode !!! :( It's so sad :(
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Ayy, glad to see you're doing ATG again! It's always great to see so many artists making drawings for this event :^)
I'm really liking this one, you definitely did some great work on the emotional aspect of it-- you can really feel the desperation of the characters, which is awesome. Nice work!

Oh hey, you came to New York! What'd you think about NYC? I'm honestly not too fond of it myself, but there are some pretty cool things to see.

I heard a lot about how emotional that episode was and how people teared up during it, but I think I may have put my guard up a little too high when I went to watch it because I didn't feel much of anything-- except during the song, which was quite powerful, even after listening to it on many occasions after watching the episode itself :')

Best of luck on your upcoming business trip, and I'm looking forward to more of your ATG art!
Novaintellus's avatar
I'm glad that I am not lazing about too, I think ATG will be totally worth it.
And it really seems more artists are submitting more ambitious pieces for ATG this year. I'm looking at you, you talented, little butt <3
Thanks for the love my friend, I've always had in the back of my mind that I'm lacking in the expressions. I'll still work on them :3
NYC was both what I expected, yet it was more interesting than I thought. I feel a lot more American now, but I'm still not much of a city person--so scary ^^' (Heh, I found out ATG was happening while visiting the Bull of Wall Street)
I can agree, I went in without too many assumption and just remained optimistic, than the stakes aren't too high. I couldn't say too much about the song as I've been desensitized to country music--it was a great transition and quite the cherry on top though.
Thanks for standing by my friend. While these business trips are great experiences, I don't know if I'll ever relax with some art for awhile. And it just overwhelms me with excitement to see your ATG art each day >w<~<333
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I was hoping you'd participate again this year, it did just come out of no where didn't It?
This is such a lovely picture, this whole episode was very sweet, I wanted to cry by the end. 
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Its so good to see you again! I'm really glad you're back and participating in the ATG! That's so awesome!
 I'm really excited to see all the amazing art you bring, no matter what form it's in. Your content never ceases to impress me, and I always love the things you draw. 
This picture is no exception. The perfect pear was one of my favorite episodes of MLP, and you drew it beautifully! I couldn't think of a better fit for this prompt. I love it! 
Its really cute and sad and heartwarming all at the same time. You worked your magic once again. <3
Anyways, I can't wait to see what you do next! Until next time friend!
Novaintellus's avatar
It's so good to see you again too! :squee:
Regardless of whether I actually get amazing art out of this, I'm just proud to participate and meet with some of my good friends <333
But it's too much if you flatter me so much on this piece. I need to find some way to get you back. XD Hmm, what could fluster you...
I was pretty scared to make this piece actually, I thought it would be too popular an idea. I agree that episode was just bursting with the feels >_<
And aren't hugs just so comforting my friend? I look forward to see more of your huggable pieces :huggle:~<3
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A drawing so beautiful, but so sad !!! How can you do that ?! Waaaah! 

I was really sad, It's really dramatic, a love torn by the incomprehension of certain, how can we not feel sorrow for them?
I do not understand, and when you see their future ... Such beautiful children that they will never see grow, I just wish it was not their fate ... and that they will come back someday.

I do not really know ATG, but it is a good exercise in terms of drawing with a specific theme. "Draw an emotional pony" you were perfect on this one ^^
I do not know why you doubt, this one is impeccable, you ask too much question ;)
Novaintellus's avatar
I'm so sorry, I just had to because all my other ideas were dumb! Thanks for guilt-tripping me! (And loving it too <3)
You know who's not sorrowful?...Monsters, that's who.
I'm hopeful too, I just have a horrible tugging deep inside that I might not be comfortable with.
ATG is awesome my friend. While it changes up my art routine to inject creativity and practice, I met much of my friends through that (looking back I'm not sure how, but I'm glad we've come together again this year).
I guess it's not doubt, it's more that I'm on the fence to push towards new things. At least early on in ATG, I feel my lack of free time will force me to only shoot for what is comfortable. I'm not concerned with my current standing, I'm just anxious to improve this time around ^_^'
WhiteFeather0's avatar
Ah Nova, do not take everything I say seriously ;) And I'm sure your other ideas were also good, you can not say that !:)
We are not too used to seeing sadness, but it is also a reality of life, not everything is rosy. It is good to demonstrate this in this episode, proof that the series matures.
I understand and I encourage you to continue the ATG, what you show us now Is just beautiful and well imagine, I like it ^^
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Ahah x3 I know this feeling, in fact I have'nt been satisfied with all the stuff I did for the atg this year, and I feel bad for not posting anything x3
This sketch is very lovely, though it's a bit sad, indeed. I liked the episode, even though I'm not a big fan of Applejack. Pear Butter is really adorable ^w^ (Twilight Velvet remains best mum) and I love her fluffy mane < 3
Novaintellus's avatar
O_O We only see our own mistakes, it sucks!
Though some would argue that having higher ambitions mean more time between pieces. Still, I guess we ought to just keep pushing, yes? <3
Frankly, I'm not much of a fan of AJ either. Maybe I'm just desensitized to all the "countryisms". ^^' It's all about that rarity
My gosh yes, we need more Twilight Velvet. She looks like she'd be a great mum!
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