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Hobby [ATG08-10] by Novaintellus Hobby [ATG08-10] by Novaintellus
Where's the flan sauce?
Ayy, I guess this applies to both options of the prompt, huzzah!

I apologize for this being such a flat piece, I got distracted.
I would say cooking has become the activity where I can escape. Art is nice, but being so connected with people makes it more of being productive for the audience rather than emotional escape. I still very much enjoy art, but for cooking I can just disconnect and focus on the craft--shame I hardly get to cook for others.
Not saying I'm all that good at cooking.I'm sure in another life where I have more time to practice, I'd be half decent.

Also, Chef Ramsay is the beeeeeeeeest o3o ~<3

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VIII Day 10
Prompt: Draw a pony doing something you like to do in real life / Draw a pony doing something they wouldn’t normally do

Best stallion butt Thunderlane from that toy company.
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