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Hidden Power [ATG10-13]



What power do I truly desire?
I don't care how edgy she is, Tempest Shadow is so cool. Also her armor is so sleek, far cooler than the Equestrian Royal Guard. And of course with the tight fitting outfit, my friend suggested to add some other articles in her possession >u>

The two angles that I should do more often is the over the shoulder and the portrait. I'm always ambivalent to use them as they seem to easily be screwed up, but obviously the only way to overcome that is by practicing XD

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 13
Prompt: Draw a pony with a dark side / Draw a pony that’s bad to the bone

Smexy, edgy mare Tempest Shadow from that toy company
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Yes Tempest is such a cool pony and you draw her so cool and cute.