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Friendly Feud[ATG7-10]

Tavi, you look pretty cute when you're angry.
Shut up and finish cleaning the dishes.

Hmmm, I don't have much time to sketch for ATG today, maybe I should do something quick and easy. *Sees prompt and proceeds to try difficult anatomy*
I'm a stupid butt. (I blame the flan this time)

Finally done with all my examination, huzzah! But now I have a business trip tomorrow....soon. So of course the anatomy is not perfect, but I'll take the speed as a sign of efficiency. And hopefully I got time to get these done this week. I'll be back Friday to continue ATG, get back to commissions, and boop my friend, Ily.

Oh, and keep the ship train going, choo choo!...
I have to go pack now...

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 10
Prompt: Draw a pony fighting / Draw a pony grappling
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Oh nice, a Vinyl + Octavia picture!
Really liking the dynamic poses on this, it definitely makes this a really cool piece to look at. The hair flowing alongside their motion looks very nice too, nice job!
Also, Octavia using her bow as a weapon was a neat little touch :^)
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Yeah, I don't seem to draw this pair too often.
While it's definitely not a weapon, I'd like to think that it would be quite a fitting weapon for Octi's character. I'd imagine to use fencing as a reference for pose style.
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Oh the love always ... ^^ The fire and the ice for this duo ! xD
The anatomy is really not bad, you work well despite the time that you lack ;)
It's a bit like your ATG "Fly away" in the fluidity of the movements of the characters, I like it !
Good luck for your business trip Nova ;) I hope that everything will go well for you ^^
Take your time, and I look forward to seeing your next work Love 
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Eeyup, these few have so far been some of my most ambitious sketches, and I really would be psyched to return to them and paint them. As for the movements, I eventually want to be good enough to offer action scenes for my projects--just got to keep practicing.
Everything went fine, nothing too catastrophic happened. Just feel a little empty with the lack of art, but I've since gotten over that. I'll just take my time and gather myself back up. ^w^ Thanks for the love and support <333
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Yes, they deserve it well ^^
This is promising, I encourage you to continue in this way :)
I remember the fight between Starlight and Twilight in the episode 'the cutie re-mark' (Final season 5) This could be a good example to put into practice ;)
Ah I am relieved to learn it, It is not always simple but happy to know that everything goes well ^^
Yes I understand, It's not easy when you can not do what you want, In your case, art is something that is part of you. 
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AYYYYYYYYY VINYL! Instant points there. Well, not as much as for drawing dragons, but still is jus joke
I love the dynamic anatomy in this! It's good to stretch your limits. I think you did great!
Good luck with your business trip! I wish you well! Hopefully you have time to draw, but if not, that's fine too.
Stay awesome, and have fun! I send you my love!
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Psch, maybe I'll stop drawing ponies and just draw Vinyl from now on :3
I like how the piece turned out, especially given my current level of anatomy. But so much ambition, it makes me both anxious, yet so hyped to try it again and again!
Everything was fine, I feel great, yet still empty with not much drawing. Soon I shall remedy that, and then you won't be able to handle the awesomeness. I am going to reclaim all the delicious love from you until you dry out. And then I'm going to inject the love back via hugs and adorable pones. <3
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Your efforts paid off.  The poses make this piece very interesting to look at.
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