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Following Nights [ATG10-01]



Oh, there you are, Sister.
I'm back! Yay, thank goodness for ATG coming around to motivate me to get back into posting art. Sorry for being so lazy about doing art, I guess I got quite distracted with life, and the rare time I did art was mainly for personal pieces. Heh, this ATG will be quite a challenge to do daily sketches on top of my other work, but that's the sort of challenge I like to help rebuild my work ethic.

Each year I somehow convince myself to have a theme, yet really what happens is that each year the "quality" of my sketches seems to decline. This year will be no different as I need to balance ATG with other work; however, I want this year to practice staying loose and quick with my sketches. Really I will only total 1-3 hours from getting an idea to executing the sketch, so it will be quite fun.
Ultimately, I felt my art style has been either inconsistently bad or consistently familiar, which is hardly inspirational. So this year I wanna get wild and not worry so much about my art style, but it will certainly get quite messy >w<

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 1
Prompt: Draw a Pony Standing / a Pony Frozen in Time

Pone Princess Celestia from that toy company.

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