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First Time Cooking [ATG7-13]

That ingredient is the most amazing granite to give a crunchy texture,
While over there is feldspar, which can be shaved for a nice garnish.

While my mother and I never find time to cook together, it's always nice to jump in and help. I've always been fond of cooking, but I guess sometimes you have to teach yourself.
Do y'all know how to cook? And from whom did you start learning?

Finally done with all my business trips (I think), so I probably will find free time more easily. Still got one more week of work left, but at least I can do artwork at home now. Maybe I could finally get back to my long overdue projects.
Who am I kidding, I still need to find a nice balance with ATG first. Well and I've got a piece I want done for my friend, Ily.
Don't know yet, but I do know I need to sleep...Nova are you still talking?

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 13

Prompt: Draw a pony family activity / Draw a pony party
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Awe, smol ponka poe learning how to cook rocks
that's pretty cute actually
go to bed nova
I like her sitting position up on the counter, and I like the way you drew her mom too.
It's kinda sad seeing Pinkie during her dull childhood, but I'm happy there are still happy moments for her there too. 
Great job as always! Keep it up!