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Feed Your Mistress

By Novaintellus
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Ooohh, that's such delectable fruit for your mistress.
Surely a lovely little kobold like you is just as sweet.
This is a first year wedding anniversary gift for my friends SpindleSpice and Neonhuo. They're such friendly people and absolutely adorable together. The love of these wonderful individuals is so strong and cute.
I attended their wedding last year, and one of the tasks I helped with the preparations was prepping the bunches of grapes for an hour. So now every time I eat grapes, I think about them >w>

My my, that's quite a suggestive piece. Oh well, it's art. This was quite a fun piece to learn more of an anthro body type. I definitely had to learn from some references for certain...key assets, but I'm pretty proud of figuring out all the posing, placement, and angles. The color is a bit rough, but certainly not much better than what I can accomplish. Overall I'm pretty happy to complete this with what little time I had.

Also, I've learned about the differences between dragons and kobolds. Turns out kobolds are generally smaller than dragons. Funny because SpindleSpice and I are super short and Neonhuo is so tall.

Gift for SpindleSpice and Neonhuo
Dragon Aurum from SpindleSpice
Kobold Ruby from Neonhuo
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This is so aodrbale lovely.

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Aww, this is adorable and so good.

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Thank you so much Nova!!!!!!<3333333333 ;;;w;;; I just love the way you drew Aurum<3333 She's so pretty<33333

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Ahhhhh, you love birds are welcome <3333

And yes, Aurum is soooo fabulous! >w<

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This is adorable

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