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Failure [ATG08-16]



It's hopeless, Miss Smartypants
Twily has such high expectations of herself.

Ugh, this ATG is just destroying me. It's not that I'm low on time, burned out, or out of ideas (especially with creative help from Whitefeather0). I guess this year I have been susceptible to emotions, and it sucks. I guess I've been a little too worried about other things. Really, y'all should not worry about it, as all of it is my own fault and responsibility to deal with.
For the most part, it's like those times when you have basically one concern that takes over your entire thinking. There is nothing else you think of, and you can not find any way around it or there is no solution. Any attempts to focus on more important matters make you feel worse as you lose more time to fix that one problem. Ultimately it's only ONE problem, so the mistake is fretting over a small thing and ruining your confidence for hours, if not days.

It may seem weird that Twily would get all upset over a B+, but imagining a person who grew up where the expectation was A makes sense. And maturing with that attitude forms an internal voice that perpetually emphasizes these expectations to the point that disappointment of falling short ultimately comes from the self.

But y'all don't worry about me, I'll be fine <3
PS, Twilight's hair is so difficult for me

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VIII Day 16
Prompt: Draw a pony facing their darkest fear / Draw a pony during the witching hour.

Book Horse Twilight Sparkle from that toy company
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Hmm, I know there are still problems still present at this moment, we talked about it, and even if the resolution is complicated, I did not think it could affect you so much yet ...
You have the support of many people, do not hesitate to talk about it ...
In any case, you do not need to worry too much about ATG, it's an interesting challenge, but it's not mandatory. Idk, I think that some of the questions, subject posed can bring up other questions in relation with each one ... But do not blame yourself, any problem at a resolution ...

Nice job for this little Twi, it is true that for her, getting a note like this is very disturbing, but she has found the strength to get round this obstacle.