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End of Exile [ATG7-29]



I had plenty of time to reflect on my transgressions.
My only regret is not exacting pain on my old enemies.
However all is not lost, I have a new world to desecrate.

Eeyup, I'm really feeling ready to unleash my omnipotent vengeance on the world after ATG ends. Hopefully I don't get friendship laser'd by a couple of little pones. You know who you are...

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 29
Prompt: Draw a pony reaching the end / Draw a pony reaching their final destination
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Yes, really wonderful idea that you went for in this as it works soooo well & really gives the effect. Love your ability to bring art to life with the way you do so by the expressions, emotion or perspective, it's all great!