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Edelweiss [ATG10-26]



Oooo, what a beautiful, little mountain flower.
I went through quite a lot to find you, my pretty.

Been doing those interesting poses, I think it turned out pretty well. Plus, mares with helmets and muzzle coverings are adorable o3o
My friend who helps me with ideas keep suggesting ones that require serious landscape. Frankly, I'm not really good enough to make decent landscapes quickly, but I guess it's a nice exercise to convey such a landscape with such a narrow composition.

Also, had this idea from the comic Asterix in Switzerland. The Asterix and Obelix series is really good.

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground X Day 26
Prompt: Draw a pony on an adventure / Draw a pony on the wild side

Flower mare Roseluck from that toy company

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I think muzzle coverings are very helpful for everypony to wear during the pandemic.