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Dancer Aurum

By Novaintellus
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Why, you came here to see me perform?
Aren't you just such a precious, little gem.
I suppose I get to keep you all for myself.
And I'm all yours, so do enjoy yourself, cutie.
This young dragoness is ready for her dance of hot and exotic rhythms. Such captivating sensuality is a gift for her drake, but she surely appreciates the show herself too.

Happy Birthday to SpindleSpice! She is an absolute sweetheart and deserves all the love she can get, and then some. Neonhuo is so lucky to have this waifu, I made sure to check this picture with him ;3 Frankly I'm not sure how I came to such a suggestive theme; though who's complaining?
Certainly a bit saucy for a birthday present, but I think Aurum here accurately portrays just how beautiful Spice is. Plus, she now has another dragon to tease Neon >w<
Hope you have a wonderful birthday, Spice! You're such a wonderful friend ^w^~<333

Also, Go check Spice's art out, she's far more talented (and motivated) than me! :D

I had so much fun with this piece, both in trying the anthro anatomy again and designing some clothes--obviously it's more fun with smexy clothing. Pragmatically, I am a terrible fashion designer XD I mean try not to think too much about stuff like how the tail is supposed to work with that skirt!
Maybe I'll do more of this kind of art, posing anthro is a bit more interesting than just pones, and it's better practice for drawing humans.

Birthday gift for SpindleSpice
Dragoness Aurum from them
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THANK YOU SO MUCH NOVA!!!!<333333333 
you did fantastic with the clothes! Im probably gonna draw her in this outfit myself sometime!
<33333 Thank you<3333
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Awww I'm glad you like it ^w^ She certainly models the clothes perfectly! Also glad Neon and I were right you'd be fine with this saucy portrayal of your dragoness
I would absolutely love to see how you draw this outfit, I'm sure it will be even more beautiful with your style <333
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She is so beautiful and sexy.
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Awww, thanks. Don't be too seduced ;3
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Happy birthday to SpindleSpice and its beautiful dragonnes ^^  
I was able to attend different stages of its creation, and I admit that the final result is worthy of your talent Nova !  
I hope to see again anthro characters' drawings as beautiful as this one  :3 (Even though we have some interesting common projects xD)
A very nice gift anyway, you're a really great friend who gives a lot to others ! Hug 
+fav Heart 
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My friend! Yes I'm pretty happy how this turned out, and it is certainly wonderful from your feedback through the process ^w^ As always, you're such wonderful help <3
Maybe our interests will cross in the future ^^ Let's hope I keep improving my confidence!
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Awesome art for Spice !  :D

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Thanks ^w^ Yes, Spice is wonderful
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