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Cute with a Laser[ATG7-20]

Is there some sort of epic pony war in the distant future or something?

Never really looked into the crossover, but I do see cute Little Pip a lot, she's cute.
Didn't really have much past interest in Fallout either, so I think this was a good practice to replicate from reference photos.

Recently tried out Fallout 4, I had a rather enjoyable time, especially growing corn for my home.
I think half of the time was taking a few seconds just to remember what the controls were. I'm like that old person who's not used to videogames and have to find the key to control my character. Weird since I grew up on videogames...I guess I'm just growing up. :(

Sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Day 20
Prompt: Draw a pony from or in the future / Draw a pony in space
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you little butt nova~
you know i have a weakness for Littlepip. Her, Vinyl, and Ember are my major weak spots. 
Honestly I love Littlepip so much~ You're such a butt. You drew her very very cute <3
I love that pose of her positioned behind the wall. It's a really dynamic pose that I think you pulled off well.
That rifle must have been difficult to draw too, but it looks really nice.
And by the way, if you have not read Fallout Equestria, I cannot recommend it strongly enough. It is probably my favorite fanfiction of all time.
I was willing to pay $150 for a physical copy of it, that's how much I like it. If you ever get the chance, I would definitely advise reading it.
The way the author blends the style of MLP with the fallout universe is really unique, and the lore of the world and how the mane 6 and princesses fit into everything is really interesting.
It's really really good. Sorry, ramble about that over now. 
Anyways, fantastic job! I love it! Keep being amazing~! <3
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Hue hue, maybe I should try Princess Ember some time. She'd be nice to practice some more anatomy :3
Absolutely, I love her simple and modest design, it's so adorable when she looks so innocent. Eeyup, I'm a butt ^w^ ~<3
I'm not much into that genre of fiction, but if I were to pick some epic to sink my teeth/pen in, then I absolutely would pick that. I think the backing for that story is so special and is well deserved, especially to memorialize it with a very nice printing.
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I admit not to know this game xD ^^ ' It is well known however, But I think it's just a style that I do not really appreciate.
Always as well done ! ^^ This laser to air to do a lot of damage o.O I would not like to be the target of this  weapon xD 
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Personally, I find the themes interesting (especially with me being a nuclear engineer XD ). I just don't have enough time to get too engaged.
But styling, I was imagining this would look really great with a gritty, dark color palette. And the only major light source coming from laser rifle, casting an eerie edge light or something. It'd be really cool!
Don't worry buddy, I'll protect you ^w^
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Awwww yeah! Pew pew!
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